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How Ajay Thakur’s performance uplifted Sachin Tendulkar’s team Tamil Thalaivas in PKL?

A Kabaddi team from Tamil Nadu that plays in the Pro Kabaddi league is infamous as Tamil Thalaivas. The ownership of the Kabaddi team is shared by famous personnel –Nimmagadda Prasad who is an industrialist, the legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, actors Ram Charan and Allu Arjun, and Allu Aravind, who is a film producer. The brand ambassador of the Kabaddi team is again a very renowned actor of the South film industry –Vijay Sethupathi.

How Ajay Thakur’s performance uplifted Sachin Tendulkar’s team Tamil Thalaivas in PKL

The team comprises of players with impeccable talent. Out of which, the all-rounder is namely –Ran Singh, Victor Onyango Obiero, and Vineet Sharma. And, the raiders are –Anand, Rahul Chaudhari, V. Ajith Kumar, Shabeer Bappu, and Yashwant Bishnoi. Under the list of right cover, defenders are –Ajeet, M. Abhishek, and Ponparthiban Subramaniam, while the right corner defenders of Tamil Thalaivas are –Himanshu, Sagar, and Mohit Chhillar and the only defender of the A-grade team are Milad Sheibak.

Ajay Thakur with citizenship of India was born in the year 1986, who is a professional Kabaddi player and also the captain of the National Kabaddi team of our country. His ultimate expertise in the field of Kabaddi has bagged us two magnanimous achievements –one was to win the Kabaddi World Cup in 2016 and to get a Gold Medal in the Asian Games of 2014. The eminently talented player now is the captain of Sachin Tendulkar’s Kabaddi team –the Tamil Thalaivas in Pro Kabaddi League.

Though the team entered into the PKL as recently as the 5th season, had seen a steep slope of their success rate. However, captain Thakur’s immense contribution along with some of the other renowned players added up to the team to mark a position in the PKL. Ajay Thakur strongly believes in fighting until the end and doesn’t possess the attitude of giving up. He is therefore touted as a true warrior by the oracle of Kabaddi game.

The attitude that Ajay Thakur possesses is the ultimate reason as to why the authority seemed to have allowed him to lead the team of Tamil Thalaivas. Since the debut match of the team, Ajay has been listed among the leading raiders. His remarkable performance has immensely worked in the favour of the Kabaddi team play for the PKL and he has been found to finish the game in such a manner, which has bagged several victories for the team. He managed to earn the tag of being “Iceman” because of his exemplary demeanour even during hours of high pressure.

Ajay Thakur was regarded as the fourth most successful raider of Pro Kabaddi League when he played a debut match for the team of Bengaluru Bulls. In season 5 auctions, Sachin Tendulkar and the other board members of Tamil Thalaivas picked up Ajay Thakur as their captain and then the team made its debut in PKL. The signature move of this highly efficient raider is said to be the Frog Jump, which is again considered to be one of the most visually spectacular feats in the game of Kabaddi.

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