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How to Activate Call Forwarding In Android KitKat ?

Sometimes, you may go out of station or at such a place where you hardly get any signals (Example:- For an adventure Trip or at a distant village) or it might happen that our mobile gets switched off due to non availability of proper charging. Due to all the reasons mentioned above you might miss some important calls from your friends, relatives, colleagues, boss, your family or loved ones.

In all such cases, when a person calls you and gets to know that your number is either switched off or unreachable, it may lead to confusions and misunderstanding which may affect your family or social life or even your career. To get rid of all such situations, you can forward all incoming calls to your number to any other Number. You can choose any number (Mobile or Landline) of your close friend, your father, your mother, your spouse or anyone else you could think of.

This Article may be helpful for :

  • Activating Call Forwarding for all Calls
  • Activating Call Forwarding when Busy
  • Activating Call Forwarding when Unanswered
  • Activating Call Forwarding when Unreachable

How to Activate Call Forwarding In Android KitKat ?

Now you must be knowing how important it is to activate call forwarding in your phone. Now, if you have a Smartphone with Android Kitkat OS, you can follow the step by step procedure given below to activate call forwarding.

Step 1 : Finding the Call Forwarding Option

In your Smartphone, you need to find “Call Settings” under Device Settings Group & select “Addition Settings”. In Additional Settings, you can find the “Call Forwarding” options.

Selecting Call Forwarding

Step 2 : Opting between Voice Call and Video Call

You need to tap on “Call Forwarding”. As soon as you tap on Call Forwarding you will be asked to select between Voice call and Video call. Please select the appropriate option. As soon as you select one of them you will find the options four Options.

  • Always Forward
  • Forward when Busy
  • Forward when Unanswered
  • Forward when Unreachable

Select the Option which is appropriate for you.

Voice Call Forwarding

Step 3 : Finally setting up Call Forwarding

Now, for example We are selecting “Forward when Busy” option. Now you will be asked to enter the phone number to which you want to forward all your calls to.

Forward When Busy

Please enter the Phone number to which you want to forward all your calls when you are busy. Please remember that you can select any Number. It can also be one of the number from your contact list. As soon as your Enter the Number , you just need to tap on Enable and you’re done.

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