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How to Activate Call Waiting In Android KitKat ?

Usually when you are busy on a call and you receive another call on your number, you will not get any notification about the Second Call. However, by activating the ‘Call Waiting‘ feature, everytime when you are busy on a call you will be notified about the Second Incoming Call. You can opt to switch between the two calls or you can opt to put one on hold and talk to the other.

This feature may not be activated on your Smartphone by default. However, you may add this feature of ‘ Call Waiting ‘ in your Android Kitkat phone. This is a very simple feature which will let you know about the incoming call while you are on a call.

How to Activate Call Waiting In Android KitKat ?

Lets know the step by step procedure to activate Call Waiting in your Android Kitkat.

Step 1 : Finding Additional Settings

You need to first go to Settings. In Settings, you will find Call Settings. In Call Settings, you will find Additional Settings.

Additional Settings

Step 2 : Finding Call Waiting Feature

As soon as you find Additional Settings and you tap on it. You will find a Screen as shown in the image below.


Finding Call Waiting feature

Step 3 : Activating Call Waiting Feature

You just need to Tap on ‘Call Waiting’ option. As soon as you click on Call Waiting, you will get a check against the box which means that ‘Call Waiting’ feature has now been activated on your Android Kitkat Phone. (Please refer the image shown below)

Activating Call Waiting

This was the complete tutorial on how to activate call waiting in android kitkat phone. Hope you can now easily do it on your phone now. There are some more related articles given below which might interest you.

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