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How to Change Aadhar Card Mobile Number & Date of Birth ? (Online & Offline)

How to Change Aadhar Card Mobile Number & Date of Birth ?

Aadhaar Card is a very important document these days which everyone should possess. Most of the people reading this article must be having an Aadhaar Card. If you want to update your Aadhaar Card details like Mobile Number and/or Date of Birth, then you have landed on the right page.This article describes the complete process to update your Mobile Number or Date of Birth or both in your Aadhaar Card.

If you do not have an Aadhaar Card, you can click on link given below to know the process to apply for a new Aadhaar Card.

Check out the Process to Apply for Aadhaar Card Online 

Important Note : Make sure that you are using the same registered Mobile Number which you have used while applying for the Aadhaar Card. The online procedure requires the user to enter an OTP,  which is used to Login to your Account for any kind of updation. This OTP is sent to your registered Mobile Number only.

If you are using some other Mobile Number at present, don’t worry you can scroll to the bottom of the page to find the process. The process mentioned at the bottom will let you change your Mobile Number & DOB Offline.

Note : Your Mobile Number and Date of Brth will be updated in the records of UIDAI within 1 week. Once the changes have been made, you will receive an SMS regarding the same.

So lets know the Procedure !

How to Change Aadhar Card Mobile Number & Date of Birth ? (Online Procedure)

Step 1 : Open the UIDAI Self Service Update Portal by opening this link (https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/web/guest/ssup-home)

Click on the ‘Click Here’ link at the bottom of the page as shown in the below picture.

How to Change Aadhar Card Mobile Number & Date of Birth Online

Step 2 : Now to Login to your Aadhaar Account for Updation, you need two important details :

  • Your Aadhaar Number 
  • Your Registered Mobile Number 

As soon as you enter your Aadhaar Number and click on Send OTP, you will receive an SMS on your Mobile Number registered with UIDAI. You need to enter the OTP and the Text Verification respectively.

Aadhaar Self update Portal

Step 3 : Now you will reach to a Page as given below. You need to check the boxes Mobile Number or (DOB)Date of Birth or Both (Whichever is Applicable in your case) & Click on ‘Submit’.

Aadhaar Data Update request

Step 4 : In this step you will need to enter your updated Mobile Number and/or Date of Birth. Re-check your details carefully and click on ‘Submit Update Request’.

Step 5 : This step lets you review your Mobile Number & Date of Birth entered by you. You can go back to the previous page and Modify your details if you want to make any changes. You may click on Proceed if you feel you have entered the correct details.

Step 6 : Please note that to update your Date of Birth you will need to Upload a Scanned Copy of Date of Birth Proof. You must click on ‘Submit’ after the scanned copy of your Date of Birth Proof is successfully uploaded.

Step 7 : This step lets you choose the BPO Service Provider for your request of updation.You can Choose any one of the BPO & Click on ‘Submit’

Aadhaar BPO Service Provider

Step 8 : Finally your DOB/Mobile Number Updation request will be completed. You will also be provided with an Update Request Number (URN). Make a note of this URN and can use this number to track your request. You will also be propted to download the File stating your URN, which you can keep safely in your Mobile, Computer or any other device. Also, you will receive an SMS with your URN.

Check your Aadhaar Update Status by Aadhaar Number and URN

How to Change Aadhar Card Mobile Number & Date of Birth ? (Offline Procedure)

Step 1 : Open the Self Service Update Portal by opening this link (https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/web/guest/ssup-home)

Click on the ‘Click Here’ link at the bottom of the page as shown in the below picture to download the Correction Form.

How to Change Aadhar Card Mobile Number & Date of Birth Offline

You can also download the form by Clicking on the link mentioned below.

Download Aadhaar Change Request Form

Step 2 : You will need self attested photostat copies of the documents for Date of Birth Proof. You can check the link mentioned below to find the list of documents accepted as Date of Birth Proof.

Check the List of Documents accepted as Date of Birth Proof

Step 3 : Send your completely filled form and the supporting documents in an Envelope at the address mentioned below(Corresponding to your Language). It is advisable to send your documents by Speed Post or Registered Post. On the Envelope you need to give a Heading “Aadhaar Update/Correction : (Your Aadhaar Number) “. Upon successful validation of your documents and Form, your Mobile Number/DOB will be updated in your Aadhaar Card and the new Aadhaar Card will be sent to your registered Address.

Check the Address Corresponding to your Local Language where you need to send your Application and Supporting Documents :

After reading this article, hope you know how to change Aadhar Card Mobile Number and Date of Birth. If you still have any queries or feedback, you may leave your comments below.

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  1. sir kya aap bta saktte hai ki mera aadhar card kho gya hai main dubara kaise bnau…

  2. You do not need to make it again. You can read the procedure in the below mentioned link and you can download a Duplicate E-aadhaar Online.

  3. Hi Akshay,

    You can use this Article to change your DOB in Aadhaar Card. Do not forget to take a printout of E-Aadhaar Card on a Photopaper. This e-aadhaar will be equally valid as the original Aadhaar Card.

  4. The DOB proofs I have (SSC Certificate, Birth certificate) are all as per my maiden name. Whereas the name on aadhar is the name after marriage. I do not have a passport. Is there a way the DOB correction can be done.

  5. Hi Lincy,

    In this case, you must use the offline procedure to change your DOB in Aadhaar Card. With your application you must attach an affidavit stating that you have changed your name after marriage. Mention both the names i.e. maiden name and the name after marriage.

  6. I Am not print out
    What can I do
    Iam forget

  7. dear sir,
    change my adhar card mobail no. in online method .

  8. Hi Rasik,

    I dont change the mobile numbers here. I have provided a guide in this article to change your mobile number in aadhaar card. You can follow this article.

  9. Sir iam not registered mobile number..but how to change my date of birth please help me sir iam a student…here come some problems with date of birth..how to change my date of birth in Aadhar card please msg me [email protected] thanking you…

  10. As your mobile number is not registered you have no option other than doing it by offline procedure.


    I have lost my cellfone and blocked the sim which was registered with Aadhar Card. How do change RMN to my new mobile number.

  12. Hi Vidya,

    The online process is only for the people who have the registered mobile number. I have 2 advice for you and you can follow any one of them.

    1. Get a new sim card with the same number from the Company from which you had your sim. Once you have the same number, you can follow the Online procedure mentioned in this article, OR
    2. Register a new mobile number for your aadhaar card by Offline Process.

  13. Sir
    How to add both c/o and s/o in aadhar address as there is only one column of drop down box from which I can choose only c/o or s/o.

  14. Hi Akshay,

    You cannot do it online. If you follow the offline procedure you can add both c/o and s/o.

  15. my old mo. no off so new mobile no how can register procees

  16. Hi Gendal,

    You need to either get your old no. working or get a new number registered by offline method.

  17. hello sir actually one of my family member dont have birth-certificate and passport etc so how to change date of birth of that aadhar card

  18. Sir, What is the procedure to change surname and address after marriage, as the girl have no proof of new surname and address.

  19. Hi Lalit,

    She can first change her surname and address in a bank account by using her marriage certificate and a letter by a gazetted officer which is duly attested. She can then use the bank account to change her surname and address in other documents.

  20. i want change D.O.B on adhar by using new mobile number for getting OTP

  21. You must check out the list of documents accepted as dob proof here : https://amazingindiablog.in/list-of-documents-required-for-aadhaar-card/

  22. Bashuki Nath sahay

    My wife, at the time of processing for adhar, had simply declared her age only and not the date of birth but in the adhar card mistakenly mentioned as 01.01.1964 whereas her dob is 13.09.63. How to get it rectified

  23. Hi Bashuki,

    You can follow this article and change her DOB (as mentioned in her documents). You will need her registered mobile number where she will get a One Time Password while updating the details online. You would also need to upload a DOB Proof document.

  24. Sir my wife adhar card date of birth is wrong and I want to change my wife adhar carde date of birth

  25. DEAR SIR,
    They are asking for sslc certificate for date of birth change. My school leaving certificate is submitted in my college. Instead college has given me HSC leaving certificate. I have ssc passing certificate where date of birth is mentioned. Should I use HSC leaving certificate or ssc passing certificate for date of birth change.

  26. Hello Sir
    my adhar card date of birth is wrong and I want to change my adhar card date of birth

  27. Hello Sir
    I’m from Ukhrul Manipur Dist., but i stay in New Delhi doing my studies. Today My D.O.B was wrong and i went back to the office and i say to them my D.O.B was wrong can you guys please correct it but they refuse. i don’t know what kind of woman she is. so, can you help me out for that and not only that even my Address is not my permanent address because without the land agreement i cannot to anything for this aadhar card, so i just put down my present address in my aadhar card. Is that ok without my permanent address.

  28. Rajeev Srivastava

    What is the specific format for change of date of birth certified by a gazzetted officer.
    What needs to be done for adding a mobile number

  29. Hi Rajeev,

    If you have not Added/Registered your Mobile Number while applying for the Aadhaar Card, you need to register it by offline process.

  30. Anirudh can you please tell how much time will it approximately take to get the new updated aadhaar card if i use offline method.

  31. Hi Tarun,

    Once the respective UIDAI receives your application, you can say it will take anything between 1.5 to 2 months. If you are lucky enough you might get it before this period. If it is delayed for more than 2 months, you must get in Contact with UIDAI Office physically or by calling Customer Care.

  32. Hi anirudh,

    Thanks for the article. I followed the steps to update the DOB for my Mom’s aadhar card, now that i checked the status of the application using URN number the status is showing “The request has been processed” Is that mean they have approved my request? how much time it will take for the process as i need her aadhar card updated for the passport application. Kindly advice.

  33. Sir my name saii born 1991but 10th,intre,aadhar,voter id every have shoule be in 1992 that is problem sir now i how to change my date of birth.

  34. hello sir, My mothers DOB is wrong in aadhar. I want to get it changed. The documents available are “Bonafide / Character certificate” from the school, PAN card, Voting card. Which document shall i sent it for correction.

  35. Sir,
    I have applied for name and mobile no. Correction in my adhaar card 22 days ago but till now I have not received any response from the the authorities.

    What I will do now?
    I also lost my registered mobile no. Associated with adhaar..!!

  36. Hi sir i am bangalore. i have aadhar card. but i want to change my address and contact number. can u pls tell me how can i do it.

  37. Sir i am not registered mobile number..but how to change my date of birth please help me sir iam a student…here come some problems with date of birth..how to change my date of birth in Aadhar card please msg me [email protected] thanking you…

  38. SIR


  39. hello sir,
    I want to change my date of birth with the help of high school certificate and name with the help of university photo id .can it possible at same time in correction?

  40. Hello Sir,

    Sir my DOB in adhar card is not correct
    My name is AJAY SHARMA
    But my ssc certificate is Ajay Kumar Sharma..

    Then what the process. For change my DOB in adhar

  41. sir my date of birth is 1-1-1988 but in aadhar card it is mentioned 1-1-1997 how can i change this, and i dont have any proofs regarding date of birth

  42. I don’t have mobile number which I have given
    Now what is the process how to change the number

  43. My aadhar card have various type of problems and i want changed these problems please help me

  44. My updation request was tuned down thrice with the remarks transliteration problem
    It is very much embrace full if totally English written document has such problem
    Plz sugest remedy

  45. Hello Sir,

    If I change my BOD by online method. Then Will I receive new Aadhar Card Hard Copy by Post and What should I do with old one????

  46. Hi Ashish,

    Yes, you will receive a new Aadhaar Card with the updated DOB at your postal address. You can tear and throw the old one, once you get the new aadhaar card.

  47. Sir .I want to change my adhar card address and mobile no so kindly can u pls tell me do it.

  48. i forgot my registered mobile number. how to check witch number are registered?

  49. Hello Mr. Anirudh,

    Is there any link where i can verify my Aadhar details like Name, DOB, online?

    Aadhar card has information about birth year only. I would like to confirm my DOB as well. So, could you please let me know where I can verify my DOB in Aadhar online?

    Syed Rizwan

  50. sir,
    my registered mobile number is not active now. i have broken that sim. how can i register my new mobile number.. plz help me

  51. Dear sir.

    which is the official website for aadhar card update

  52. Hi Sir,

    My mom DOB has been wrongly updated in aadhar. Except voter id she don’t have any other proof. Plz guide me how to change her dob.

  53. what is process of change of name and DOB in adhar card i have no any document. i read in cass 6 in government school.

  54. sir my name and DOB both have to change in adhar card because in school name both change. how can i update it . i read in class 7.
    i have no any document.

  55. hii sir,
    how to add mobile no. & date of birth on aadhar card

  56. hi i have to correct my date of birth in aadhar card but my mobile number registered with UIDAI i have lost this number year back
    I tried online but it ask for the OTP and my number is lost so pls help me how can i correct my n of birth

  57. Sir, how would i change my registered ph. no. if i lost my registered phone sim.

  58. Hi Umananda,

    It is possible only by offline method if you have lost your registered phone sim. Otherwise get a duplicate sim card of the same number.

  59. Dear Sir,

    My date of birth is 1982 but in aadhar card it is mentioned 1974 how can i change this, and i dont have any proofs regarding date of birth , I am having only Voter Id, and PAN Card this is possible to use.

    Pl. guide me.

  60. Sir how to change my DOB in aadhar card above linke is not open in my mobile website any app had

  61. Dear Sir,

    Is it possible to edit the aadhaar details without mobile no.
    Please help.

  62. Sir,from Aizawl Mizoram,we had made a correction of my date of birth in Aadhar card and requested for new card 2 month ago?…how long will it take for the new aadhar card to deliver

  63. Hi Venpuia,

    It may reach your home within 2-3 months after the application. Till that time you can download e-aadhaar and use it.

  64. Hi Jothi,

    You cannot change aadhaar card details online without mobile number. You need to follow the offline process.

  65. Hi Anirudh,

    I have to registered mob number offline.& my name is MD SHARIQUE RAZA but in evey gov.id name as MOHAMMAD SHARIQUE RAZA.so,in addhar card i want name as MOHAMMAD SHARIQUE RAZA.can u guide me for offline procees for mob num change and name.


  66. Sir Request
    My Adhar Card Change Dob
    How To Use

  67. Hello sir my data of birth change pannanum sir my birthday 07 05 1998 Aadhaar cardla 1999 irukuthu sir

  68. Hai sir and madam;
    I could change my date of birth but i have no birth ceritificate but will do this tell me… please help kindly for my carre…

  69. Daer sir,
    I have aadhar card but in aadhar card my date of birth is not correct and my mobile no is not registered. Is biometric is compulsary. Sir, help me what i have to do.

  70. Dear sir,
    I have aadhar card but there is not correct date of birth on that aadhar card.And next thing is that my mob is not registered.May i correct them simultaneously. sir is it possible without thumb impression.Please help me sir.

  71. Sir mera aadhar card ka barthdate change karnna hain
    Sir plz koi upaye betaiye plz sir mera name pusparaj bhujel hain

  72. Hi Anirudh,

    I wasn’t sure abt my Date of Birth (DOB) earlier due to issues with my documents hence my DOB mentioned on the aadhar card is incorrect. I somehow managed to get my birth certificate and the date of birth is different. But my name is incorrectly spelt (one letter is missing). Even my SSC marksheet has my name spelt incorrectly (just a letter different). Now what documents can i submit for my DOB proof here. Will they accept my Birth certificate as a proof??? or is there another option for me.

  73. I’m in hurry to change my DOB of my Aadhar.
    Help me
    [email protected]
    Thank You

  74. my date of birth is 07.10.1991 but in AadharCard it is mentioned 01.01.1992 how can I change this and I don’t have any proofs regarding date of birth i am having only voter of id and PAN card this is possible tose please give me

  75. sir i had pan card with the incomplete name and dob. therefore, accordingly my aadhar card was prepared. now i have got my pan card upadated with the correct details. can i get my correct details updated in the aadhar card with the help of my new updated pan card.

  76. I BALENDAR SINGH from Ghaziabad ,Want to know about to change mobil no.and address.
    My photographs is also show dim.
    How canI change it.

  77. Dear Sir,

    My date of birth is 1956 but in aadhar card it is mentioned 1958 how can i change this, and i dont have any proofs regarding date of birth , I am having only Voter Id, and PAN Card this is possible to use.
    Please sir
    Please help.

  78. Aashu Tosh Choudhary

    sir mujhe apne aadhar card me date of birth change karwani he .par mere pass koi bhi date of birth ka proof nahi he .
    to me keahe change karo.

  79. Mahesh Chandra Agrawal

    At the time of making aadhar card i have supplied my Date of Birth and mobile number but neither the mobile numbers nor DOB have been registered in the Aadhar card.Can u please let me know whether I can apply on line for updation of these two things and what will be the procedure for updation.Further please also let me know if some charges are payable by me for this updation.

  80. I want to uddate my mobile number but not having old SIM as it’s wrong
    Also I am not residing in India

  81. hello sir
    mr.anirudh singh

    mera naam rajkumar hai
    main uttar pardesh vijay nagar ghaziabad se ho.
    maine apni wife (pinki) ka aadhar card banwaya tha kuch mahino pahale
    jisme (DOB) change ho gai hai 06.06.1992 ki 06.06.1886 ho gai hai
    ab use thik keaise our kha par karaye our jo ph:no.usme add.tha wo bhi ab band hai

    please help me my cont.no.+918285531886 ([email protected]) uttar pardesh ghaziabad

  82. hi sir
    i am sohit my dob is wrong i want to chage my dob & my adress also

  83. Hello sir,
    i wanted to change my DOB but its asking for OTP but the phone no. i have given that time was stop working so what to do then how can i change my no. and DOb

  84. sir I have lost my mobile number which was linked with Adhar. now how to link new mobile number with adhar. I don’t have any access of old number.

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