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How to Register FIR Online in Mumbai ?

FIR stands for First Information Report. Mumbai Police has introduced a hassle free method to Register FIR Online(e-FIR). Previously, what used to happen was you only had the option to go to the Police Station to File an FIR. However, with the introduction of e-FIR Service for people from Mumbai most of the people would now do it online now. You must also make note of some more things to do When your Wallet/Purse is Lost or Stolen.

Important Note :: Please remember that this procedure is only to file a complaint about minor crimes only i.e., Non-Congnizable crimes. Non cognizable offences are those, where a police officer cannot arrest without a warrant. The Police station which you choose may call you for further clarification or to give a statement based on your Complaint.

Some of examples of Non-Cognizable Offences include :

  • Pickpocketing
  • Documents or Important Items Stolen (Passport, Wallet, PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, Driving License, School or College Certificates etc)
  • Shoplifting
  • Failure to renew a license
  • Petty theft

All major complaints such as theft, burglary, motor vehicle theft, accident, chain-snatching, assault, rape, murder, attempt to commit murder, robbery, dacoity, extortion etc have to be registered at your respective Police Station only.

How to Register FIR Online in Mumbai (3 Easy Steps) : 

Step 1 : Opening the Complaint Website

Open the Mumbai Police Complaint Website by clicking on the link given below :


Step 2 : Filling up the Mumbai Police Complaint Form

Fill the Mumbai Police Complaint Form carefully. Please note that your Email Address will be used to get an OTP(One time Password) which will be used to authorized to finally accept your Complaint. Please click on the ‘Submit’ button once you finish filling up the complaint form.

Mumbai Police FIR Complaint Form

Step 3 : Making a Note of your Complaint Number/ FIR Number

As soon as you click on Submit, your Complaint Number/FIR Number will be generated. Please make a note of your Complaint Number for all future references.

Very Important Notice (Please Read it Carefully)

” The Mumbai Police insists that people should refrain from lodging false complaints as it is an offence and is punishable by the law. It must also be understood that complaints can be tracked and people who lodge false complaints can be booked under the following provision of the law. ”

Emergency Phone Numbers

Commissioner of Police, Mumbai  22620826
Police Control Room (Mumbai City)  22621855,22621983,22625020,22641449,22620111
Infoline  1090
Altert Citizen  22633333,22620111
South Region Control Room  23089857,23089855,23070505
Central Region Control Room  23710505,23720505,23712081,24140909,23750505
West Region Control Room  26552195,26412021,26457900,26572299
East Region Control Room  25233588,25233534,25222121
North Region Control Room  28850918,28854643,28877544
Armed Police Control Room  24146778,24140909
Special Branch-I  22610302,22610303
C.I.D. Control Room  22620111
Traffic Control Room  24937755,24937746,24940303
Anti Corruption Bureau  24942618,24921212
Air Port Control  26460404,26460102,26156600,26154635
Air Force Control Room  28824272,28822271
B.E.S.T. Control Room  24146262, 24136883
B.M.C. Control Room  22694727,22694725,22694719
Central Bureau Investigation Control Room  22021490
Central Industrial Security Force  25522333
Civil Defence Control Room  22843667
Director General of Police Control Room  22026636,22822631
Fire Brigade Control Room  23085991,23085992,23085993,23085994,101
Home Guard Control Room  22842423
Intelligency Bureau Control Room  26522631,26520055
Mantralaya Control Room  22027990,22854168
Military Control Room  22151701,22036564
Naval Control Room  22663030
Railway Police Control Room  23081725,23007476
Rapid Action Force Control Room  27410710
Railway Protection Force Control Room  22697133
Subsidiary Intelligence Department Control Room  22027738
Kutumb Arogya Yojana  22691964

Hope that now you know How to Register FIR Online in Mumbai. If you have any queries, you may leave your comments below.

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