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How to Activate IMPS Service in SBI ?

State Bank of India(SBI) is undoubtedly the leading bank in India. It has been introducing latest services to the customers so that their banking experience could become easier than before. In this article we will tell you what is imps service in sbi and SBI IMPS Activation. Once IMPS Service is activated for your SBI Account you can start using it to transfer money from one account to another(By Mobile Application/USSD Service/SMS Banking in any SBI or any other Bank)

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How to Activate IMPS in SBI to Transfer Funds ?

What is IMPS Service in SBI ?

IMPS(Immediate Payment Service) is a service by SBI by which you can access your bank account and transfer funds instantly and securely. You can send money using Mobile Application, SMS Banking, USSD Based Service, SBI Netbanking on an internet-powered laptop or PC. SBI IMPS Service enables you to transfer funds from your SBI account to any SBI or non-SBI account. The beneficiary account is credited immediately when a fund transfer request is made from your side. By using IMPS Service in SBI you can send/receive money using mobile number and an additional 7 digit MMID number

This service is available 24×7, throughout the year including Sundays and any bank holiday.

Benefits of Using IMPS Service in SBI

  • To use this Service you do not need to register the Payee/Beneficiary(Unlike NEFT Transfer in Internet Banking)
  • You can transfer the funds in real time i.e. the amount will be credited to the desired account immediately.

Requisites of Using IMPS Service in SBI

  • Only the Mobile Banking customers can transfer receive money by using SBI IMPS Service.
  • All Customers can Receive funds using IMPS Service in SBI.
  • For receiving money through IMPS, your mobile number should be registered with the Bank.
  • For receiving money through IMPS, you must share your Mobile Number and MMID with the person sending money to you.

How to generate MMID number?

All the customers who have registered for Mobile Banking are issued 7 digit MMID for the primary account registered. However, if you have more than 1 account, you will have to visit the Branch and apply or MMID by filling up a form.

MMID can be generated for all accounts enabled for Mobile Banking Service by using Menu Option –> IMPS –> Generate MMID.

Note : If you are have not registered Mobile Banking Service, you can register your mobile number at SBI ATM for getting MMID to get your account linked to ATM Card as mentioned below.

Swipe your Debit Card > Select Mobile Registration> enter ATM PIN > Select SMS /Secure Code / IMPS > enter your mobile number > Confirm.

Alternate Procedure : How to Activate Mobile Banking Service in SBI ?

You can also Send sms MMID SBI to 9223440000 to retrieve your MMID.

If you do not have ATM card or you have more than one account, you can visit your home Branch and apply for MMID, by filling up a form. 7 digit MMID number will be sent to you via SMS on the mobile number used for registration.

Once you have the 7 Digit MMID Number, it means you IMPS Service is activate and you can use this MMID Number to transfer money from SBI to SBI or any other Bank within seconds.

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