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How to Register Online FIR in UP (Uttar Pradesh) ?

There might be a lot of reasons why you would want to file an FIR for a Lost Article. By using this service by UP Police, you can easily lodge an FIR without the hassles of visiting a Police Station. You may be glad to know that there are few more states in India which have implemented online FIR Service for lost articles including Delhi. You can also file an FIR Online in Mumbai.

How to Register FIR Online in UP (Uttar Pradesh) ?

Online FIR Registration in Uttar Pradesh ( Through Laptop/Computer)

Step 1 : Click on the link to Visit the UP Police Lost Article Report Page and Click on Web Version. Alternately, click on the link below.

User Registration Page for Lost Article Report 

UP Police Online FIR for Lost Article

Step 2 : Register yourself if you are a new user by clicking on New User. If you are already registered on the UP Police Website, click on Existing User.

UP Police Lost Article Report User registration

Step 3 : Enter a User Name, Mobile Number and Email ID and Click on Register to Proceed.

Note : Please enter a Valid Mobile Number and Email Address as they will be required to receive OTP(One Time Password).

New User Registration UP Police Lost Article Report

Step 4 : Now click on Register Lost Report to Register an FIR for your Lost Article or Document. You can also Click on View Registered Report to check if you ave already submitted a report before.

Important Note : False report to Police will attract penal attraction.

Register Lost Article Report UP Police Online FIR

Step 5 : Enter your Personal Details like Compainant’s Name, Son of/Wife Of/Daughter Of Name, Complete Residential Address, Mobile Number, Email ID and click on Next to Proceed.

Enter Personal Details - UP Police Online FIR

Step 6 : Enter the details of Place of Occurence i.e where the Article or Document has been Lost or Stolen.  Fill Up the Place of Occurence, District, Police Station, From Date, From Time, To Date, To Time. Also Enter the Short details(in Brief Facts) on how the Document got stolen or lost.  Click on Next to Proceed.

Place of Occurence - UP Police FIR Online

Step 7 : Enter the details of Lost Article(s). Enter the Article Lost(From the list of Articles mentioned, if the name of the article is not mentioned in the list then select others), Other Details of the Lost Article or Document(Like Pan Number for PAN Card, Aadhaar Number for Aadhaar Card etc), Article Description to describe about the article as much as possible in the space provided. If you have lost more than one article then click on Add Articles to add more articles.

Click on Submit to Submit the Lost Article Report. As soon as you click on Submit, You will receive an OTP(One Time Password) on your registerted Mobile Number and Email Address.

Lost Articles - UP Police FIR Online

Step 8 : Enter the OTP received on your Mobile Number and Click on Confirm to authenticate the report.

Enter OTP

As soon as you click on Submit, you will get Lost Report Confirmation with your Report Number.

Lost Report Confirmation

Kindly note that you will also receive a Digitally Signed copy of the FIR report on your registered Email Address in PDF Format. You can take a printout of the Loost Article Report and use it for desired purpose.

List of Articles/Documents With Information needed

Article/Document Reported Information required to be given
Aadhaar card Card No. and place of issue
Account Book Bank A/c No., Bank Name
Admit card Card No., Institution Name, Place of issue
ATM Card Bank A/c No., Debit Card No.
Bank Draft Bank A/c No., Bank Name, Place of issue
Camera Electronic Serial No., Manufacturer, Colour
Cheques Bank A/c No., Bank Name, Place of issue
Computer Electronic Serial No., Manufacturer, MAC No.
Credit Card Bank A/c No., Credit Card No.
Debit Card Bank A/c No., Debit Card No.
Driving License DL No., Place of issue
Fixed Deposit Receipt Bank A/c No.
Identity card ID Card No., Place of issue
iPad IMEI No., Manufacturer, Colour
ipods IMEI No., Manufacturer, Colour
Laptops Electronic Serial Number, Manufacturer, Colour
Mobile IMEI No., Mobile No., Manufacturer
PAN Card PAN No., Place of issue
Pass Book Bank A/c No.
Passport Passport No., Place of issue
Ration Card Ration card No., Place of issue
Tablet IMEI No., Mobile No., Manufacturer
Video camera Electronic Serial Number, Manufacturer, Colour
Others Other Details
Institutional Documents Document Name, Document ID, Place of issue
Voter ID card Voter ID Card No., Place of issue

If your document is not one of these, you can select the last option ‘OTHERS‘.

(UP Police)UPP Lost Report Android App

You can also use the Android App to register an FIR from your Android Smartphone or any other Device. Using this Online FIR Mobile Application by UP Police is quite easy. The steps are similar to the Web Version of this Service.

Download the UP Police Lost Report Android App

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