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How to Transfer your Bank Account to another Branch in SBI ?

State Bank of India(SBI) is a leading bank in India with a network of over 13000 branches. Most of the people in India prefer to have a bank account in SBI. However, people may like to transfer their SBI Bank Account to another branch due to temporary or permanent relocation to another location. The place can be in the same city or even another city.

Branch Transfer in SBI is a free of cost process. This article mentions the steps to be followed in order to transfer your SBI Bank Account to another Branch Online and Offline. The process does not take more than 10 mins of yours!

How to Transfer your Bank Account to another Branch in SBI ?

If you already have a Bank Account in State Bank of India in any Branch located in India, you can follow the steps mentioned below to get your Bank Account transferred to another Branch.

Steps to Transfer SBI Account by Branch Visit

(1) Visiting the Home Branch with Required Documents

To transfer your SBI Bank Account, you first need to visit the home branch i.e., the Branch where you have your Bank Account.

Do remember to carry the documents mentioned below before visiting the Branch :

(a) An application to the Branch Manager mentioning your Account Details and that you want to change your Branch. Do check your details on your Application like Name on Account, Account Number, Old Branch and New Branch.

(b) Copy of Address Proof (If you want to Change your Address on the Account). You can submit a copy of Address Proof documents like Aadhaar Card, Voter ID Card, Passport, Bank Passbook etc. (Check the list of all the Address Proof documents accepted by SBI)

(c) Copy of Pan Card

(d) Original Bank Passbook (Not Mandatory). Just in case the Bank Officials ask for you Bank Passbook, you must carry your Bank Passbook with you.

(2) Handing over the Documents to the Branch Manager in Home Branch

After checking all your documents, you need to self attest(Put your Signature) on the your Address and ID proof (PAN Card) documents. Hand over these documents to the Branch Manager along with the Application of Branch Change. Show your Bank Passbook to the Branch Manager if asked for it.

(3) Visiting the New Branch and Completing the Formalities

Usually within 1-3 days time your home branch will transfer your Bank Account to the new Branch. Finally, you need to visit your New Branch(Where your account has been transferred). You can confirm if your Bank Account has been transferred or not. Once confirmed, you can update your Address on your Bank Passbook (If you have shifted to a new Address).

Steps to Transfer SBI Account Online

To Transfer SBI Account online, you must follow the step by step procedure given below :

1) Login to your SBI Internet Banking Account by entering your username and password.

2) Click on the ‘e-Services’ Tab and then click on ‘Transfer of Savings Account’ link.

3) Now, Select the Account to be Transferred.

4) Enter the Branch Code of the SBI Branch where the account needs to be Transferred. If you dont know the Branch Code, you can go ahead and search for it on Google.

5) Click on Get Branch Name button after entering the Branch Code, and the Branch Name associated with the Branch Code will appear in the respective box.

6) Finally, put a tick mark on the terms and Conditions box and click on Submit.

7) You will now be asked to verify and confirm the transaction. You must check all the details you have entered and click on Confirm if everything is fine. You can go ahead and click on Back button to make any corrections.

Once you click on Confirm, you will be getting High Security Password(OTP) on your registered mobile number.

8) Enter the OTP and finally click on Confirm to finish the Account Transfer request.

Once you click on confirm, you will see a message ‘Your Account Transfer request has been successfully registered.’ In about 1 week’s time your SBI Bank Account will be transferred to the new branch. If you want to check whether your Account has been transferred or not, you can login to your Net Banking Account and check the name of the Branch. You will see the New Branch’s name once the account has been transferred successfully.

This is the complete process to Transfer your Bank Account from one Branch to another in SBI.

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  1. it is mandatory that the account holder have to visit the old branch for transferring the account

  2. Hi Laiju,

    You can also send the application and self attested copy of required documents to the old branch by post.


    Dear Sir,

    I am in Saudi Arabia. My Relationship is in Our Home Branch of SBI. How Can I Transferred To My Bank Account One Branch to Another Branch.

  4. Hi Anirudh,

    I am having saving account in SBI, Chennai. I would like to change my home branch with in Chennai city,
    as my home branch is very far way from my current residence. Is it possible to change the home branch with in a city?

    Thanks & Regards,
    Sundar M

  5. hello sir,
    i have changed my account from my native district to my present address today morning for my passport purpose…now i got to know that my dad z getting transferred to other district this evening,now to avoid all the mess i want to change my account again to my original native account.. What to do?

  6. Dear sir,
    I am having saving account in sbi margoa goa.i would like to change my home branch shrigonda in ahmednagar city,as my homebranch is far away from current recidence.it is possible to change branch with in citycity?
    Jadhav N G



  8. Hi Dr.Jinesh Jain,

    All your previous ATM and Credit Cards will work as it is. You don’t need to get anything new.

  9. Anirudh, thanks for info! I was able to change my branch within 3 days.

    One more thing I wanted to know: Do I need to update my Account Information in my Employer’s Database?

  10. Hi Rohit,

    You’re Welcome! Glad to know that you could change your Branch within 3 days. Updating your Account Information in your Employer’s Database is not mandatory. However, its a good practice to update the account info wherever applicable.

  11. please transfer my sbi nangal raya account no 30901491912 to sbi yol cantt in himachal pradeh PIN Code 176052 and sbi code No 05884 please

  12. Hi anirudh ,

    As I am shifted in delhi and I am having account in mumbai.i want to transfer it to delhi so please guide me what all the procedure i have to follow as its not possible for me to go mumbai again do i send all the required documents by courirer.

  13. Hi
    I want to transfer my SBI account from Delhi to India .
    I want to transfer my account in here bank without going Delhi.
    What is the process plz tell


  14. Hi Pawan,

    You cannot transfer your Account without visiting the Home branch.

  15. hi anirudh,
    i want to transfer my Sb a/c from home town to noida cities but i have no proof address of noida then how my account is transfer form home branch please reply me fast.

  16. Hi Shishir,

    You cannot transfer your Account without a local address proof.

  17. Hi anirudh is it necesaary to get a new passbook when you transfer account to new branch? They just put whitener on my old ifsc code and wrote new one . If someone transfer money to my old ifsc code would I still recieve money in my new ifsc code tho my account number is same?

  18. Hi Akshay,

    It is not necessary to get a new passbook when you transfer your sbi account. Instead, you can update your new address and all details on your old passbook only. Usually the bank updates the ifsc code automatically in the other person’s account if he has added you as a beneficiary. Still it is advisable to receive funds on the new ifsc only.

  19. Hi! Sir, I have a acount from sbi Egmore. ..but now I am at guwahati. .so I wont to transfer my acount from chennai egmore. .how to transfer my account? ??

  20. HI Anirudh,

    Please give us the detail process for changing Banking Aderess to another city

    FRom Kanpur to Ghaziabad

  21. Dear sir
    I use to live in ballygunge and have an a/c in SBI in ballygunge branch now for 1 year I shifteted to my father house at baguihati my I’d proof like voter card not transfer yet can I transfer my a/c to baguihati. I have no adhar card. Electric bill for the baguihati house is in father name. Please guide.

  22. Hi
    I have A/C in Hyderabad but now I am here in Assam(my native place). How to transfer my account from Hyderabad to Assam without going Hyderabad..

  23. Dear sir, I an staying at hostel in kota… so I hv opened a bank account in Kota… I am having address of my hostel in bank account… how can I change my branch to kolkata branch nd how can I change my address to kolkata address?

  24. Sorry,bt now u can transfer ur account from one branch to another without going ur home branch.
    U only need to surrender all ur papers like,passvook ,cheque book,address proof with application to that branch where u want to transfer ur account 🙂
    If someone deny and fource u to go and submit ur documents and application to home branch than just call to sbi helpline they will help u.

  25. Hi Neeta,

    I know about this Neeta, but still I have heard that SBI Branches in many cities and towns want the account holders to visit the Home Branch. Hope they stick to a common rule soon.

  26. Hello sir
    I have an account in SBI. But since last six years transaction are not made know I can us that account again.I have passbook

  27. Sirrr’ is it possible to transfer my sbi acc from mt abu rajastan to bhopal even my loan amount is not completed there

  28. Newly opened account in sbi can transfer to another branch

  29. Dear Sir,

    Please let me know that i want to transfer my SB account of SBI SALT LAKE BRANCH TO TEZPUR MAIN BRANCH.

    So,what docouments i have to send or guide me wheather it is possible through GIVING MAIL by submitting docouments,


    I want to transfer my s/b account in SBBJ which has now been merged with SBI from MDS UNIV AJMER to RIE Br Ajmer I am having s/b account in SBI ALSO whether I am required to close one account which already existed in SBI Or I can have two accounts in same branch

  31. Tolaram Pareek

    Can we transfer online..

  32. No

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