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List of 10 Best Shopping Markets in Kolkata

Kolkata is famous as the cheapest city of India so, a visit to this city is a must for every traveller who wishes to explore the nuances of Bengal and its culture. A visit to this city also requires you to explore its markets which are diverse and have a long history. Here are some of the must-visit markets of Kolkata to enrich your experience and make this journey unforgettable.

List of 10 Best Shopping Markets in Kolkata

Today, we are listing the Top 10 Shopping Markets in Kolkata. So, whether you are a localite or a Tourist, a shopoholic or a usual shopper you can enjoy shopping at these Shopping Markets in Kolkata.

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(1) College Street Market

College Street Market, Kolkata
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College Street market is one of the favourite destinations for book lovers. It is spread out on about a kilometre and half road between Ganesh Chandra Avenue and Mahatma Gandhi road. Numerous bookstores are lined on both sides of the street giving it the name Boi Para. Many famous Bengali publishing houses are also situated there. Book lovers can find here first edition books in Indian languages to books from around the world especially Europe and Russia at discount prices. This market is one of the most popular local markets in Kolkata.

(2) Mallikghat Flower Market

Mallikghat Flower Market, Kolkata
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Mallikghat flower market is located near Howrah Bridge due to which it is famous among the locals as Howrah phool bazaar. Flowers from across India are brought here and then sold to the locals, it is essentially a wholesale market but individuals can also buy according to their demands. Photography is strictly prohibited in the market. The busy streets of the market with tea vendor, people negotiating over prices and boats bringing supplies through makes you realize what comprises Kolkata. This market is one of the most famous markets in Kolkata.

(3) Hatibagan Market

Hatibagan Market, Kolkata
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Hatibagan Market is the famous pet market situated at the northern part of the city. It is famous for as different kinds of birds and other animals could be found here easily. The tragic fire of 2012 destroyed some part of the market but still it retains its past glory as the best market in Kolkata for pet shopping. Here one can also find famous Kolkata silk and cotton saris at reasonable prices. And if you are a movie buff, you can catch latest Bollywood and regional films in its theatres at reasonable prices.

(4) Burrabazar Market

Burrabazar Market, Kolkata
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One of the oldest markets of Kolkata, it is located near the Mahatma Gandhi Metro station. It is one of the biggest wholesale markets of textile in the country. Whatever your need is you can find it here from electronic goods to artificial jewellery. There are four subdivisions of the market namely Dhotipatti, Tullapatti, Fancypatti, and Chinipatti. There are many chowks and katras which have existed from the medieval period of India. This market is one of the most popular wholesale markets in Kolkata for Clothes.

(5) New Market

New Market, Kolkata
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The new market has been in existence since the colonial period. You can find anything you want from latest fashionable clothes to shoes to electronic gadgets. You can also find rare and popular food items such as different types of cheeses. There are more than two thousand stalls in the market divided on the basis of the items they sell. You can bargain and choose from these clusters according to your requirements. This market is one of the most popular flea markets in Kolkata.

(6) Gariahat Market

Gariaghat Market, Kolkata
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Gariahat market is located in the southern part of the city near Ballygunge area. It is famous for the variety of options it provides to the shoppers ranging from clothes to shoes to jewellery to even pets. It has a stretch of restaurants that provide some of the best food of Kolkata. So a visit to Garihat is not limited to shopping but also treating your taste buds. Recently malls and other big retailers have come to the market which provides you the experience of indoor shopping. This market is one of the best known and old markets in Kolkata.

(7) Dakshinapan Shopping Center

Dakshinapan Shopping Center, Kolkata
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Dakshinapan is an open market which is the best place to buy Indian handicraft and artefacts.  It is located near Ghariahat road. There are different stalls from different states, more like Dilli Haat in New Delhi, where they sell specialty of their respective state. It also offers you cheap clothes with some of the best tea stalls which are famous for their tea.

(8) B.K. Market

BK Market, Kolkata

B.K. Market is famous for shopping accessories at cheap prices. Most of the items are imported from Bangkok which amounts for low prices. You could find the accessories according to the latest fashion changes. It is situated at the Shakespeare Sarai road.

(9) Sudder Street and Free School Street

Sundar Street and Free School Street, Kolkata
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Sudder street and free school street are a haven for tourists as it not only provides cheap hotels and eateries it also has a market which offers you large range fashionable clothes and chunky, hippie jewellery. Indian Museum is also located in the area. So it provides a wide exposure of the city to the visitors.

(10) Mani Square Shopping Mall

Mani Square Mall, Kolkata

Mani Square Shopping Mall is a multi-retail shopping complex located on Manicktala main road. With more than 200 retail shops about 2000 people visit it on weekdays and more than 30,000 on weekends. It has not only national but also international retailers from around the globe like Adidas, Levis, Lee Cooper, United Colors of Benetton etc. It was opened in 2008 and since then has become a favourite shopping centre of not only the masses but also Tollywood stars as well.

This is the complete list of 10 Best Shopping Markets in Kolkata. If you have any feedback or queries, you may leave your comments below.

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