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List of 5 Best Shopping Markets in Guwahati 

The magical beauty of the North-Eastern states of India are getting uncovered with more and more people ready to explore the serene, tranquil nature, mountain and people. One of the changing occurrences is that they are exploring the business prospects also. One of the largest and the fastest growing cities of the north-east is the city of Guwahati. The beautiful city is known for its busy and colourful markets and haats. The markets of Guwahati are thronged by not only the local crowd but many tourists also visit them to shop and take back the mementos and initiate business deals from here.

List of 5 Best Shopping Markets in Guwahati 

These markets are fully-loaded and won’t disappoint you. So, whenever you get an opportunity to visit Guwahati  don’t forget to visit these amazing markets in Guwahati.

1) Paltan Bazaar

Paltan Bazaar, Guwahati
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One of the features of the city is “Bamboo”, and Paltan Bazaar is famous for bamboo and different products related to bamboo, which include furniture, decorative, beauty accessories and much more. Trading of high-quality bamboo furniture is done from this market. Assam is famous for Tea plantation and Paltan Bazaar in Guwahati is the where you get varieties of tea and tea related items. The famous Indian Tea House is here at the GMC market. Your hunt for colourful, traditional and exquisite tribal garments ends at this market. For foodies this market is perfect a t serves Assamese dishes like, Tenga, Laru and Pithas. The bazaar is usually heavily crowed as it is at stone’s throw distance from the railway station. It is one of the best known street markets in Guwahati.

2) G S Road

GS Road, Guwahati
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The most sophisticated, chic market of the city has plenty of branded showrooms, shopping malls and attracts elite customers. Located on the Guwahati-Shillong road, it is the happening market for the youth and is full of fun and entertainment. If you are interested for a luxurious shopping experience and want to be at some popular super markets in Guwahati then G S Road is the place you should visit.

3) Fancy Bazaar

Fancy Bazaar, Guwahati
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The bargain market for street shoppers with a huge assortment of shops on street and shops. You have plenty of option to buy and bargain your tribal jewellery, soft toys, wooden gift materials, bamboo caps (Jaapi), hand bags, clay artifacts and local garments. You have ample small eateries to satisfy your palate for the Assamese food. The streets are famous for delicious steamed momos. The trading fraternity has the chance to purchase their choice of product at wholesale rates here. It is one of the most famous wholesale markets in Guwahati.

4) Ganesh Gudi

Ganesh Gudi, Guwahati
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To experience a complete shopping spree visit, Ganesh Gudi, as you get, everything and anything here. Start your visit with shopping from the menu of clothes, household goods, crockery, footwear, and music. You can then have fun at a pub, movie theatre or a club. Eateries here serve finger-licking Assamese and north-eastern, Chinese and continental cuisine. Domestic and international tourists never miss this market and they have a special liking to shop here. You can also visit the nearby Ganesh Temple, located nearby the market. This market is definitely one of the best markets to visit in Guwahati.

5) Paan Bazaar

Paan Bazaar, Guwahati

It is known as the “Nerve centre” of the city and people visit the market to primarily purchase books. It is located near the Kamrup district court. It is a paradise for book lovers and they bet on the availability of any book here. Remarkable and rare books and novels can be purchased from the book stalls here. In addition it is also famous for ethnic wear like – Mekhla Chador; and eateries like –Sunflower, Kalyanee, and Reboti’s. The famous Cotton College and Digholy Pukhuri (Lake) are situated nearby.

Your shopping, or your visit to Guwahati is incomplete if you do not visit any one of the famous local markets in Guwahati as you can feel the culture, tradition, and the city only at these exhilarating locations.

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