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Lotus temple : Bahai House of Worship

Lotus temple : Bahai House of Worship


Lotus Temple Aerial View
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It is beautifully designed in the shape of a lotus and has 27 petals. There are nine pools of water around the petals which lights up in the evening with natural light and add to the beauty to this wonderful temple. The temple has visitors of all the faith visiting this place of religious harmony. It is a very peaceful place to pray and meditate.

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Bahai religion is ht religion of the people who believe that all the people are equal and have equal rights of worship and pray to the Almighty God in whatever way they like. They believe that segregating men in the name of their religious beliefs is no right and all the people must live in harmony with each other whatever ways or worship they follow.


This Bahai house of worship has been built with pure white marble. This temple was completed in November 1986.  It was designed by Iranian-American architect named Fariburz Sahba. This temple project took 10 years to complete and is described by Arthur Erickson, a Canadian architect has described it as one of the most remarkable achievements of the time, proving that the drive and vision of spirit can achieve miracles.

Lotus Temple, Delhi

This Bahai temple is named as lotus temple not just because of its beautiful lotus flower architecture but also because lotus is the symbol of love and purity. As the lotus accommodates its many petals without any discrimination in the same way Bahai religion brings together all the religions of the world in perfect harmony. This temple is considered to be a symbol of love and prosperity. Like all the Bahai temples, lotus temple is also open to all the people regardless of any religion. The basic concept of these Baha’i temples is to bring the people from all the religion together at one place and pray and meditate together.

Awards and Recognition

Lotus temple has won a lot of awards for its structural beauty and attracts a lot of visitors. Many international visitors also come here to see the beauty of the temple. The temple has always been in news. Lotus temple has been recognized as one of the finest concrete structures of the world by the American Concrete Institute in 1990. In 1987, special award was given to the lotus temple by the institution of structural engineers of the United Kingdom stating that this building gives the beautiful visual impact of the real lotus flower. There are many temples that belong to the Bahai faith but the most beautiful one is in New Delhi which is also considered by many an architectural marvel.


There is no permission to play any musical instrument inside or play music of any particular religion. Also, no religious rituals are allowed to perform inside and no one is allowed to give lectures or spread their religion inside. Everyone is allowed to chant or read the holy books or scriptures of their religions.

Lotus Temple Interiors

There is no statue or pictures or images displayed inside the temple. It is considered to be the perfect place to meditate and relax. People are expected to maintain perfect silence inside the temple and leave there footwear outside before entering the temple.

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All the 27 petals are arranged in the cluster of 3 to form 9 sides. It altogether gives the view of half open lotus flower. The ponds around the temple give the view of lotus flower floating in water.

Lotus Temple Petals

This temple has 9 doors that open to the central hall. Height of the temple is 40metres. The temple can accommodate about 2500 people at a time. The temple has a beautiful garden area which is also a perfect picnic spot. The construction of this temple cost about Rs. 10 millions. The best time to visit the temple is in the evening when the lights are on the temple looks amazingly beautiful.

The part of the temple is run by a solar power plant. The temple utilizes around 500 kw of electricity and it generates about 125 kw of renewable energy of its own. And this power saving saves about 1.2 lacs of rupees per month in electricity bill.


The doors of this temple are open from 9am to 7pm from Tuesdays to Sundays all year round except when it is the winter season. During winters the temple closes early and the timings remain 9am to 5.30 pm.


Lotus temple road,

Shambhu Dayal Bagh,

Bahapur, New Delhi- 110019

How to Reach

  1. The best way to reach here is to catch the metro train till Kalkaji Mandir metro station.
  2. One can also catch local buses to reach the temple. Also taxis, cabs and auto rickshaws can take you to the temple.
  3. Catch bus no. 492 from Nizamuddin railway station to the Nehru place. Then from there one can opt for 15 minutes walk or take rickshaw to the temple.

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