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Recycling Plastic can create 6 Times more Jobs than dumping the Plastic in Public Places

Recycling Plastic can Change the Fortune of India by Creating more Jobs

Plastic is a boon or bane, nobody knows, but we can certainly create jobs out of these plastic wastes, the heaps of garbage creating a wasteful health hazard for the people.

As per a moderate estimate waste management in India may create enough jobs to recycle more than 15,000 tonnes of plastic waste per day. Surprisingly, out of it, only 60 per cent is recycled, said an expert in the conference on the subject.

A number of experts dealt in a seminar on Plastic Pollution and Management, where an expert S Manuja claimed that recycling plastic waste can result in six times more jobs than dumping the plastic in public places and thus causing health hazards.

The official figures, of plastic India production, is more than 1.5 million tonnes of per day, it is said. In addition, a session on the remedies of Plastic Pollution, an expert, the Head for Environment, Energy and Climate Change at the EUD, presented the European countries’ strategy adopted at the beginning of this year. The Plastic Strategy basically aims to work for a whole new, innovative, sustainable plastics industry by 2030, it is claimed.

Every year, these countries generate 25 million tonnes of such waste, but less than quarter is identified for recycling. The world over, plastics make up 85 per cent of beach garbage, it is said in a presentation.

Since the Government of India’s plastic waste management strategy is now a priority for India, we can hope for an ambitious programme of plastic recycling.

Compared with the attractive and feasible process of cycling of metal products, plastic recycling is often seen as a more challenging venture because of low density and low value of the stuff. Numerous technical hurdles are also faced by such entrepreneurs in recycling plastic.

On the World Environment Day on June 5, the and embassies and consulates of EU member countries plan to announce and adopt a ‘Green Pledge’ for eliminating the use of single-use plastic products, saving energy and water resources and managing waste.

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