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Top 10 BPOs in Delhi-NCR region

BPO is basically an acronym that stands for business processing outsourcing. The work of outsourcing is done in India on very large scale. Many international BPOs are in India and they are offering jobs to the Indians. The best thing about BPOs is that they recruit the new comers and train them according to their requirements and standards. If you are looking forward to working in a BPO or are in a need of outsourcing your work to some BPO then you must read this list of top ten BPOs in Delhi-NCR region.

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Top 10 BPOs in Delhi-NCR region

(1) Genpact

Genpact is an outsourcing company that has a global presence. There are more than 60,000 employees that work for this BPO. This company that managed to bring out its public IPO in 2007 was started as a subsidiary of GE but managed to become a separate unit in 2007 which was just after 2 years of its inception. This is a very big company and is known to offer its services to more than 500 companies of the world.

(2) Convergys India Services Pvt. Ltd

This BPO company is a very big one as it has employed 70,000 people under its name. There are as many as 68 centers from where the work is done. It works for the clients who hail from the IT sector, retail sector, healthcare sector as well as finance sector. There is provision of regular training programmes that keep the employees informed and updated.

(3) Salient BPO

They are one of the best BPOs in the area. They are known to be providing their services to the client all over the world and that too in a price that is unmatched. The services provided by this BPO are in the fields of finance, accounts, health sector, human resource etc. The company is determined to train their employees well and include the most modern of techniques and technology to remain the best in the field. Their client orientation is the best part of the BPO.

(4) InterGlobe Tchnologies (IGT)

This BPO is dedicated to mainly the sector that serves travelling and hospitality industry. They are dedicated to make the performances of the clients in this sector better and grow rapidly. They are extremely innovative and deal with all back office related problems of many renowned travel agencies. This is no novice in this field as this company is the new offspring of the main InterGlobe Enterprises Ltd. This BPO has numerous extperts who can guide the clients on various problems related to travel.

(5) Hatron Communications Ltd

This is a company that is 26 years old and is known for its excellent services in the fields that are of different verticals such as telecom, insurance, technology, banking health, retail, manufacturing and many more. There are more than 2000 employees in this company that are dedicated towards the clients’ wellbeing. The BPO section was started in 2000 and since then there has been no looking back. Their training is the key to their success.

(6) IB Technology

This BPO is one of the leaders in this field. This is no new comer as it belongs to the company based in London- Indiabulls group.this ISO certified company has maintained its standards by following all the quality guidelines in a very strict manner. the services provided here are unmatched and are in all the fields that are possible through outsourcing.

(7) Hero BPO

This BPO is a fast upcoming BPO that is highly professional when it comes to dealing with their clients as well as carrying out the responsibilities of providing quality services to the consumers. This BPO is located in the DLF city area and is known to offer services that are designed to suit the exact needs of the clients. The employees are very talented and deliver quality work.

(8) GMT Infotech

This BPO is one of the most known BPOs of the area and has many big clients to their name. There are many companies of Indian origin that have hire the services of this BPO for taking care of their businesses in the international market as well as the domestic market. They provide inbound and outbound support to their clients.

(9) John Keells Bpo

When it comes to the fastest growing BPOs this company is one of them to be named. Their services are mainly for the companies that fall in the category of mid tier. Their services are for the clients who have diverse needs and therefore they offer services according to what clients ask for. There are several training sessions that keep the employees updated and motivated.


This is one of the very old global BPO service providers that is in this field for 50 long years now. They have government organizations, fortune 500 companies and many big companies as their clients. The values of this company are strong and the employees are a part of the company and not just working for the company.

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