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Top 10 Places to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Bangalore

It is very crucial for us humans to realize the importance of “Expression”. Nature has given the power of expression only to humans. We must use the same to understand each other, help each other, and build a better world to live and to weave healthy relationship and strengthen the bond of mankind. One of the super Expressions is “Love”. There are a thousand ways to express it and thousand kinds of love amongst each one of us. Each one of the relationships has a different meaning of Love! We celebrate love every day but there is a specially designated day for it as well – “Valentine’s Day”.

Top 10 Places to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Bangalore

Let’s explore if you are at Bangalore how and where you can celebrate this day, this year?

1) 153, Biere Street, Whitefield

153, Biere Street, Whitefield
PC : www.buzzintown.com

For a romantic date this place at Varthur Main Road, Whitefield is the perfect combination of a restaurant, a retail shop, a bakery, a gaming console, and a florist.  This all-in- one destination with European style incorporation in and out will fascinate both and will keep your imaginations alive. The quality and quantity of food will definitely keep the smile on your face.

2) The Tao Terraces

The Tao Terraces
PC : www.liveinstyle.com

The most famous dating spot in the city situated at Halasaru is the only roof top restaurant which can fill your day with passion and excitement. A candlelight dinner with your partner, funky music playing in the background, the open terrace on the 6th floor will give you an enchanting view of the city.

3) Taj Westend

Taj Westend, Bangalore
PC : https://taj.tajhotels.com

Be it a candle light dinner or a dinner under the stars this will the ultimate place to celebrate your valentine’s day. Away from the disturbances of the daily life, live in a fairy land only at Taj Westend. Your visit will be treated as a “Royal Visit” and you can feel it the moment you step in.  The four-course meal servings will not only satisfy your culinary taste but also force you to delay your stay.

4) Om Made Café

Om Made Café
PC : www.grouptable.com

One of the best rooftop bars situated in the city, Koramangala to be very precise, will give a romantic view during the dusk. Initiating on this romantic note you can then move on to an even more romantic candle light dinner and enjoy the aesthetics and ambiance of the place.

5) Big Brewsky

Big Brewsky
PC : www.bigbrewsky.com

Placed at a serene and tranquil place at Sarjapur Road, this biggest micro-brewery has a man-made lake perfect for a date. The romantic seating area near it with the availability of fine drinks and the marvelous food will generate lovely memories to be cherished. The ambiance and the serenity of the place will provide that special personal touch to your moment required.

6) Jade 735

Jade 735
PC : www.jaderetreats.com

This resort at Sadahalli Post will keep you busy deciding what to choose from the different options of – “Rooftop Dining”, “Poolside Dining” or “ Submerged Pool dining”. It’s for sure that romantic bells have already started ringing in your head. Revitalize your relationship with a nostalgic moment only at Jade 735.

7) Bison River Resort

Bison River Resort
PC : http://thebisonresort.com

Relive your “Honeymoon” in this resort on the most romantic day of the year only at Bison River Resort. The vegetation with a mix of fruit and normal trees, birds watching, the resort is situated on the banks of River Kali at Dandeli. The scenic beauty around the river and a bonfire near it starting from the dusk to late night will be a perfect menu.

8) High Ultra Lounge

High Ultra Lounge
PC : www.highultralounge.com

How about first shopping at one of the biggest shopping malls in the city, then watching a romantic movie and then a candle light dinner at the highest places in the city? Feel like dining in heaven only at “high Ultra Lounge” situated on the 30th floor of the “World trade Centre”. Situated on the same side as the “Orion Mall”, this place is perfect for you.

9) Olive Beach

Olive Beach, Bangalore
PC : https://executivetraveller.in

A place which will give you a feeling of Greece and will serve you European and Mediterranean cuisine for your day of the year! Olive Beach situated at Richmond road, with its detailed interiors and the service will definitely make you ready for a debate on the topic that this is the best romantic place in the city.

10) Windflower Resort, Coorg

Windflower Resort, Coorg
PC : www.indianholiday.com

If you are a couple you believe in extending your Valentine’s Day for a couple of days then choose Windflower Resort at Coorg to do the same. Rejuvenate yourself and your relationship in the open air Jacuzzi surround by coffee plantation stretching across 25 acres and the natural sunlight penetrating on it.

Everyone wish that this special day should never end and the celebrations to continue in a time zone which has no ends. Seems impossible, though you can make it happen if only, you choose the correct location and the perfect time to book your place.

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