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Top 10 Street Foods of Bangalore

Imagine standing on the streets of Bangalore with your friend or family on a stall of Masala Dosa, enjoying the delicious, smack taste of the Sambhar and at the same time enjoying the cool breeze followed by sipping a cup of filter coffee, discussing political issues, or the social responsibilities. This is true for all the famous streets in the city where you enjoy the street food which is distinctive of the area. You will notice that people from all walk of lives and of all age and gender visit the streets and enjoy the delight of finger-licking foods served there. The streets of Bangalore offer you not only local cuisine but also international delicacies. And don’t get surprised to find that you need to stand in a queue for your turn.

Top 10 Street Foods of Bangalore

Let’s explore the different snacks served on the streets of Bangalore.

1) Mangalore Buns – Banana Poories

Mangalore Buns

Served in breakfast or as evening snacks this is a preparation of ripe bananas, wheat flour, and sugar. Ripe bananas are mashed and mixed with wheat flour, sugar cumin seeds, little curd and kneaded, then small balls are made. The balls are then flattened and deep-fried in oil and served hot. The best buns are served at Chetty’s corner in Serpentine Road.

2) Dal Obbattu – Puran Poli

Dal Obbattu – Puran Poli

Locally known as Puran Poli this sweet dish highly popular on the streets is made up of Arhar dal, jaggery, wheat or rava flour and cardamom powder. The preparation tastes great more so as it’s quite difficult to prepare the precise thing. Must try this at Holige Mane in Malleshwaram.

3) Idli, Vada, and Dosa – The Southern Slurp

Idli, Vada and Dosa

It will not be fair if at all we don’t talk of the famous south Indian breakfast which consists of Idli, Vada, and Dosa. These dishes are served in plenty at all the streets of the city and each has a different taste, texture, and preparation. The most varieties, if at all you believe in exploring things, can be found at Malleshwaram, Brahmin’s Coffee Bar, and Thindi Beedi at VV Puram.

4) Bhaji with Filter Kaapi

Bhaaji & Filter Kaapi

The streets of Vijaynagar, J.P.Nagar, and Koramangla serve famous vegetable Bhaji, which are deep fried vegetables enrolled in Maida mix. They are best eaten with coriander-mint chutney and are complimented with a cup of local filter Coffee.

5) Vada Pav – Mumbai’s delight served in Bangalore

Vada Pav

This delicacy of Mumbai is quite famous in the city as well. Nothing great about it but the taste is unique in each of the stalls because of the spices and chutneys which are mixed and garnished. The south Indian Vada is sandwiched in the Pav spicy, tangy paste of the chutney is applied to give it its unique taste. They are best offered at Indira Nagar and Jayanagar.

6) Gobi Manchurian

Gobi Manchurian

You could hardly believe that the north Indian “Gobi” can be served in the form of a Chinese dish. That’s the uniqueness of the street food of the city. Small balls of Cauliflower is deep fried and tossed in soya sauce, garnished with chopped spring onions, to give it the crispy, tangy and spicy taste. Bellandpur, Jeevan bhema Nagar, and Marathahalli are the best places to experience the food.

7) Keema Samosa

Keema Samosa

The north Indian Samosa with a filling of Keema is deep fried and served with coriander-mint chutney. The same are available at the evening hours at the famous stalls of Indira Nagar.

8) Kebabs and Rolls

Kebabs and Rolls

Juicy and tender pieces of chicken and mutton wrapped in crispy and tangy rolls served with red hot chutney are quite famous in the streets of Yeshwanthpur. You also find grilled tikkas, kebabs and vegetable rolls.

9) Sandwich and Parantha

Sandwich and Parantha

Though popular in the northern states of the country the same can be had on the streets of Bangalore. The reason being, it’s quick, fast and easy to prepare and palatable taste of the dishes. They get healthy lip- smacking variety in the form of Sandwich and Parantha. The taste of melting butter and the aroma makes it a favorite at the streets of Jayanagar, Banashankari, and Koramangla.

10) Chaat and Pani Puri

Chaat and Pani Puri

The culture of Chaat and Pani Puri has been adopted here in the city, from the far northern parts of the country. The smack, tingling water blended with the fillings in the small Puri cannot be matched at any hotel or restaurant. This is available only on the streets of the city. The Dahi, chaat masala, the sev, and the tamarind chutney not only blow your taste buds but also your mind. Most famous stalls are at Marathahalli and Jayanagar.

Once you taste the uniqueness of the street foods available in the city you may not be interested to go your famous hotel or restaurant, whenever you plan for an outing. The reason is you get a much better taste at an economical price here.

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