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Top 10 Shopping Markets in Vadodara

In the ancient days, Vadodara or “Baroda” was home to the regal Gaekwads. It is famous today for its host of shopping options in terms of clothes. There are many weekly markets in Vadodara too. Baroda’s four gates – Paani Gate, Champaner, Geni Gate, Lehripura Darwaja, which are located near the beautiful Sukh Sagar Lake is a treasure to behold for all. Local markets in Vadodara are popular for all types of craft, embroidery and other wholesale items, let’s explore them below.

Top 10 Shopping Markets in Vadodara
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10 Best Shopping Markets in Vadodara

Let’s check out the top 10 markets in Vadodara.

1) Khadi Bhandar Center

Most famous of all markets of Vadodara, for handicrafts, fabric and ready-to-wear cotton handspun clothes. Shopping in Vadodara is fun here because of the Gujarati handicrafts and tie and dye and fabric printing techniques. When exhausted post shopping you can unwind at the roadside restaurants and food, beverage outlets and gorge on the scrumptious Gujarati and Indian food.

2) Rooppura Market

Vadodara is famous for Bandhani And Traditional Ghagra-Cholis apart from Marriage Costumes and Trousseau. This place has all this as a speciality and a lot of other things such as handicrafts, embroidered handicrafts etc. You could also purchase decorative mirrors and Beadwork Sarees from this market.

3) Mandvi Market

One of the most popular markets in Vadodara, Mandvi is famous for its beaches and ages old ship building yard, this place is a shopper’s delight with traditional footwear, accessories and cloth markets. You can fill your bag with Wall Hangings and Embroidered Fabric while leaving this place.

4) Teen Darwaza Bazar

One of the best markets in Vadodara, Teen Darwaza has a lot to offer in ethnic wear. Starting from tiny kiosks to trendy street carts you can find the ever-changing hottest items here of the moment. Highly recommended for a shopping spree of a lot of ethnic goods, this place is an electric mix of the old and new.

5) Lehripura Mandir Bazaar

Lehripura Nyay Mandir is not just a temple but a shopping arena where you can purchase all you want. You’ll be able to buy low budget shopping items to high end shopping stuff too. Always an overcrowded market, this market is great for economical shopping. It is a very old shopping area in Vadodara city and a must visit market. When tired, you can gorge on some lip smacking food at the good restaurants and eateries here.

6) Jetalpur Fish Market

Clothes and fabric are not the only things Vadodara is famous for. One of the biggest fish markets in Vadodara, Jetalpur is a huge market that sells a variety of fishes at reasonable and wholesale prices. This place is a heaven for fish lovers.

7) Ratri Bazar

One of the most famous markets in Vadodara, this squared busy area of Karelibaug in Baroda is not just a shopping area but a heaven for food lovers. You can’t miss this place when in Vadodara. The Ratri Bazaar is an eat street that is filled with 42 eateries in a 15851 square meters area. This area was set up by the Vadodara Municipal Corporation and serves a wide host of all kinds of cuisines, starting from authentic Gujarati food to Darjeeling Momos, Italian, Chinese and Mexican.

8) Madar Market

When in Madar Market, you can purchase Tie-And-Dye, Block-Printed Designer Fabric, Zai Women Ethnic Wear, Decorative Mirrors, Silver Jewelry and Paintings as well. Madar Silk house is the highlight of this place. When you are here you must visit the famous Sursagar lake which is just a few minutes away.

9) Mangal Bazar

Famous for clothes, when on a trip to this place, make sure to purchase Appliquéd Quilts, Cradle Clothes, Cloth Toys, Embroidered Footwear, Lacquer Furniture. As Vadodara is an industrial city, it is most popular for the various types of furniture, textiles and handicraft items too.

10) Khanderao Market

One of the best markets in Vadodara this is an opulent building named after Khande Rao Gaekwad who was the erstwhile Maharaja of Baroda. It is popular for buying groceries and flowers. It was constructed by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III, who later offered it to the municipality of the city. This building is an exquisite example of the Maratha and Jain architecture in amalgamation with the European and Islamic craftsmanship. With a dome that gives it the appearance of a temple and a clock tower that  gives it a modern appeal, here you can find many things starting from fresh vegetables, flowers and fruits to everything natural you can imagine. What makes this place unique is the picturesque panorama along with the bustling shopping stalls.

Vadodara has a lot to offer starting from the intricately carved out designs in the showpieces for creative home decor to the fabulous patterns for fabrics and clothes, the list is endless. It has a wonderful collection and mix of factory made things and hand crafted furniture items. While shopping in the city you will never run out of options on what to purchase. From the cheap markets in Vadodara to the main markets in Vadodara, it never fails to dishearten a shopping enthusiast.

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