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Top 10 Wholesale Markets in Delhi

The National capital, Delhi, is a hub for India’s most critical political, economic, and financial and security affairs. In addition, it is the focal point for national and international business and trading. Delhi is a feeder market, for trading, not only in the adjoining states of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, and Punjab but for almost all of India.

Top 10 Wholesale Markets in Delhi

Let’s explore the wholesale markets in Delhi with their products and services.

1) Khari Baoli – Wholesale Market for Spices

Khari Baoli
PC : www.delhipedia.com

Khari Baoli, the biggest market for spices in the world, is an extravaganza of colour, smell, texture, and taste. Situated in densely populated Lal Quila, it has small alleys and by-lanes with similar minuscule shops on both the sides. You get the complete assortment of spices with flavours from out-of-the-world. The combination of both strong and mild fragrance of condiments will keep hitting your nose. Dry fruits, herbs, and spices of various quality and prices are available in the market. It is one of the most famous wholesale markets in Delhi.

Nearest Metro Station : Chandni Chowk

2) Chawri Bazaar – Wholesale Market for Brass, Copper and Paper products

Chawri Bazaar
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Situated to the west of Jama Masjid, in Delhi, Chawri Bazaar is one of the best known wholesale markets in Old Delhi. It exhibits an array of copper, brass utensils and related products. It is also famous for paper products especially wedding cards, greeting cards, and attractive wallpapers. The ever busy streets and shops are known for rock-bottom prices and can test your bargaining skills as well.

Nearest Metro Station : Chawri Bazaar

3) Chandi Chowk – Culmination of Wholesale Markets

Chandni Chowk
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Chandi Chowk is one of the oldest internationally famous market and definitely the most important market for Delhi when it comes to its historical importance. The specialty is in variety and authentic street food, sweets, and local delicacies; it is often visited for home furnishing fabrics. Infact, it is one of the most popular wholesale fabric markets in Delhi. Nai Sarak is a market here which is famous as the wholesale stationery market in Delhi. Lal Kuan is famed for hotel and kitchen equipment. Industrial chemicals at wholesale prices are available at Tilak Market. For silver and gold jewellery you can always visit Dariba market. It is the one of the best wholesale jewellery markets in Delhi.

Nearest Metro Station : Chandni Chowk

4) Gaffar Market – Wholesale Market for Mobiles

Gaffar Market
PC : www.ourncr.com

Situated near Karol Bagh this is capital’s unofficial Grey’s market. You can purchase garments, electronic goods, crockery, cosmetics, toys, chinaware, shoes and mobile phones at an unbelievable price. It is the biggest wholesale mobile market in Delhi and they bet, that you get any model, any brand before it even hits the international markets, like Europe. So if you are looking for a wholesale market in Delhi for Mobile Accessories, don’t forget to visit Gaffar Market. Electronic goods and gizmos are so innovative that you may not find it anywhere in the country.

Nearest Metro Station : Karol Bagh

5) Azadpur Mandi- Wholesale Market for Vegetables

Azadpur Mandi
PC : www.amalsadkss.com

It is the biggest fruits and wholesale vegetable market in Delhi as well as whole Asia. This National Distribution Centre is state run and trading of a complete assortment of fruits, including exotic, and vegetables happen 24 hours and there is hardly any holiday. Farmers from different states come and involve in trading of their produce. Spread across 90 acres of land this wholesale market has 3500 wholesalers and generates good revenue and is also the focal point of traders and businessmen.

Nearest Metro Station : Azadpur

6) Nehru Place- Wholesale Market for IT products

Nehru Place

Famed for IT hardware and software and related products Nehru Place is Asia’s largest computer wholesale market. From hardware for personal computers, networking hardware, and allied products like printers cartridge, printer rolls, printers and printer toners, you can purchase anything related to IT at wholesale prices. You also can buy services related to IT as authorized service centres and dealers have their shops and showrooms in the area. Nehru Place is one of the best known wholesale markets in South Delhi.

Nearest Metro Station : Nehru Place

7) Daryaganj – Wholesale Market for Old books

Daryaganj Book Market
PC : http://dubeat.com

This market at the pavements of Daryaganj, famous amongst youngsters and students, stores exhaustive collection of regular and rare second-hand books. The market opens only on Sunday and students are assured that they will get their choice of books that also at rock-bottom prices. Book lovers spend hours looking for their books and are always amazed by the collection, and consider the place as their paradise. So, if you prefer buying old books at wholesale price, do visit this wholesale market in Delhi for old books.

Nearest Metro Station : Chawri Bazaar

8) Gandhi Nagar Market – Wholesale Market for Readymade Garments

Gandhi Nagar Market
PC : http://nanvsnaan.weebly.com

Gandhi Nagar Market is situated in Old Delhi and is surrounded by Geeta Colony, Seelampur, and Krishna Nagar. It is claimed as the biggest wholesale readymade market in Delhi as well as whole Asia with around 12,000 shops. The markets stores huge collections and SKUs from almost all the leading national and international garments brands like – Lee, Levis, Pepe, Spykar, Oxemberg and much more. You are supposed to buy in counts of six, twelve, twenty-four here.

Nearest Metro Station : Seelampur

9) Sadar Bazaar – Wholesale Market for household goods and Artificial Jewellery

Sadar Bazaar, Delhi

Sadar Bazaar, though serves a variety of products, is famous for selling household goods at wholesale prices, and is profusely crowded especially during the weekends. You get plastic containers for kitchen, utensils, remarkable range of cutlery and magnificent crockery products. Other small size wholesale markets like – Timber market, for plywood, and Swadeshi Market for Artificial Jewellery and toys also are inside Sadar Bazar. It is infact the best wholesale market in Delhi for Artificial Jewellery.

Nearest Metro Station : Chandni Chowk

10) Ghazipur Mandi – Wholesale Market for Flowers

Ghazipur Mandi
PC : www.ourncr.com

Florist, wedding vendors, flower selling retailers, and occasionally people from temple visit Ghazipur, the wholesale market for all sorts of flowers. From regular rose to the most exotic flowers can be purchased from here, and they arrive from across the globe like- Holland, China, and South Asian Countries. You get prices, which are one-fourth of what you may get from a retail outlet. The rush during festivals is uncontrollable. Ghazipur Mandi is infact the best wholesale flower market in Delhi.

Nearest Metro Station : Anand Vihar

There are some other wholesale markets in Delhi including Karol Bagh which is a popular wholesale market in Delhi for auto parts and car accessories.

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