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Top 5 Shopping Markets in Noida

Starting from bargaining in the alleys of Atta Market to filling your tummy with yummy treats in Brahmaputra Market, it promises all of it in terms of shopping with its all year round as well as weekly markets in Noida. It has a wide array of shopping opportunities for everybody. Below we shall list out some of the local markets in Noida which are also known to the commoners and visitors in the city as the best markets in Noida.

5 Best Shopping Markets in Noida

Let’s check out the top 5 markets in Noida.

1) Atta Market

Atta Market, Noida
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Even if you’re new to Noida, Atta Market here would not be unheard of. To a person looking out for best deals and bargains Atta Market is the ultimate mecca of sorts that sells clothing and musical instruments, utensils and home appliances apart from aesthetic stuff like leather bags, fashion clothing and footwear at economical prices and offers imitation jewelry at good cost too. There are luggage trolley and duffle bags showrooms besides cosmetics and aesthetics items. Also, be aware as the narrow lanes have seen cases of pocket snatching too!

2) Savitri Market

Savitri Market, Noida

Savitri Market in Noida is similar to Gaffar Market and is very famous just like it. It has a wide range of new laptops and branded cell phones along with various kinds of accessories. There are separate showrooms for laptop repair and the cost is very economical. Best cafes in this arena are hard to miss and the street food stalls are simply an icing on the cake. The market is highly connected to the Sector 18 primary market zone as a famous shopping destination and has the best of super markets in Noida.

3) Indira Market

Indira Market, Noida
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Indira Market situated in Sector 27 has the best of boutiques and kitchenware. This market in Noida is famous among the commoners and is popular for the local stores and stand-alone shops of junk jewellery. It has fresh vegetables and fruits vendors stalls. It is the ultimate one-stop destination for every regular household requirements that keeps it busy and crowded in spite of its small area.

4) Brahmaputra Market

Brahmaputra Market, Noida
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If you are talking about good markets in Noida, you can’t leave this one behind. Situated in Sector 29 Noida, Brahmaputra Market (called as BP by locals) is a paradise for foodies, specifically meat lovers. It brightens up here after the sun goes down, when the local vendors occupy the bustling narrow lanes and lines them up with an array of items along with tiny shops selling clothes, accessories and books that gives it the feel of the vibrant Old Delhi’s Chandni Chowk. Kathi rolls, momos or chaats and biryani, it covers it all. The market is home to eateries like Laxmi South Indian restaurant and JSB Evergreen for street eatables.

5) Lal Market

Lal Market, Noida
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If you are a tea lover you will find the tea shop in this area with variety of tea served to your liking. Darjeeling tea is the best and must not be missed. Starting from small medical stores to huge supermarkets Lal market in Noida covers it all and leaves no stone unturned whether it is your food, clothing or shelter requirements in terms of the best furniture markets in Noida too.

Despite the budget, you’ll certainly manage to get a massive amount of shopping done because of the low prices and deals on various products from clothings to food items in the famous markets in Noida. There are many cheap markets in Noida that save you from burning a hole in your market. Quality is assured because whether it is fish markets in Noida or the flower markets nothing is disinteresting here because of its variety.

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