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10 Bike Trips you can take in India Once the Lockdown is over

A lot many of us are longing to saddleback on our bikes, hit the road again and feel the rush of the wind on our hair. Although Coronavirus has bought a lockdown on our bike-tripping days, dreaming and planning will harm nobody. Rather it would keep our mind boosted. It will be a little something to we can look ahead during these difficult times. Why not take this time out to curate an elaborate, well-planned bike trip?

Intrigued? Here are some of the epic bike trips that you can take to satiate those itching feet.

1. Manali -Leh

Manali -Leh

Ladakh’s magical landscape is mesmerisingly beautiful so much so that you might actually feel as though you have stepped into a foreign country. One of the most frequented highways in India, driving through this route can be challenging and adventurous. Travel through the Khardung La, Rohtang La, Gulaba and Darcha pass to get some of the best views and don’t miss out on the Hall of Fame, Magnetic hill and Sangam.

Best time to visit: July- September

Trip length: 1360 k.m

Recommended number of days: 12 days

2. Shimla -Spiti

Shimla -Spiti

In close heels with Ladakh, Spiti is another one of the scenic and challenging trails for bike-riders. This ride will take you to some of the highest altitudes in the world. Kibber, Kaza, Tabo, Spiti and Pin valley will pull you into the midst of spellbinding sceneries. Follow along the Satluj river and relish on snow-capped mountains while munching on apples and apricots. 

Best time to visit:  Mid June to Mid October

Trip length: 450 k.m

Recommended number of days: 5 days

3. Jodhpur-Jaisalmer-Barmer Bike Tour

Jodhpur-Jaisalmer-Barmer Bike Tour

Trade the white-capped mountains for some tempting sand dunes by taking a motorbike ride through the desert landscape of Rajasthan. From Jodhpur to Jaisalmer, ride through the Mehrangarh Fort, Umaid Bhawan, Jain Temples, Jaswant Thada and get a taste of the rural Rajasthani life. From Jaisalmer fort, you can go ahead and lose yourself in the midst of Thar desert. End your trip in the quaint villages of Baramer which are famous for its arts, craft, dance and music.

Best time to visit: November – February

Trip length: 930 k.m 

Recommended number of days: 5 days

4. Mumbai – Great Rann of Kutch

Mumbai - Great Rann of Kutch

The vast undulating expanses of salty marshlands in the Great Rann Of Kutch would be a different experience altogether for riders. Plan an elaborate journey from Mumbai-Ankleshwar-Vadodara-Bhuj-Rann of Kutch to get the best out of this enthralling journey. The Rann of Kutch has both salt deserts and salt marshlands. Kutch is also a culturally rich destination. So drop into one of the villages to get a glimpse of the quiet life.

Best time to visit: November- January

Trip length: 930 k.m 

Recommended number of days: 10 days

5. Sikkim-Darjeeling


Sikkim, though famous for its trekking destination, is also home to one of the iconic bike routes. The end of the summer and right when the autumn breaks, the landscape turns into a marvel. You can easily drop in on the lush green meadows and drink from gurgling brooks while biking from Sikkim to Darjeeling. The friendliest locals here will be always up for a chat over a chai.

Best time to visit: October

Trip length: 650 k.m 

Recommended number of days: 7 days

6. Guwahati to Tawang

Guwahati to Tawang 

Starting off from the bustling city of Guwahati, the scenic ride through the Himalayan ranges will take you to the quaint town of Tawang. Journey through the Sela Pass, which is one of the highest motor friendly passes in the world. This route also has the distinction of being one of the least explored bike routes in India. So you will get a fairly smooth ride all along. Most of the parts of the areas here are covered in forest. Taking a trip during the pleasant weathers of March to October will prove to be a rejuvenating experience.

Best time to visit: March- October

Trip length: 550 k.m 

Recommended number of days: 7 days

7. Western Arunachal Pradesh

Western Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is still fairly a virgin when it comes to mass tourism. The ideal way to enjoy this sleepy state is through a bike ride along its teeming green hills. Lakes, forests, mountains, passes… Arunachal Pradesh is a fully loaded package. Plan your trip along the Guwahati – Nameri National Park – Dirang – Tawang – Zemithang route to get the best riding experience.

Best time to visit:  April – August

Trip length: 900 k.m

Recommended number of days: 10 days

8. Bangalore-Ooty


 The Bangalore-Ooty trip via Mysore will be one of the ideal getaways for all the souls trapped in the infuriating traffics of Bangalore roads. Once you are done exploring the kingdom of Mysore, head to Ooty via the picturesque Gundlupet – Bandipur – Mudumalai – Masinagudi – Kallatti Ghat – Ooty route. The best part is, this route is beautiful all year round. It’s the ideal route for an impromptu bike trip.

Best time to visit: August – October

Trip length: 290 k.m

Recommended number of days: 3 days

9. Pollachi-Valparai-Vazhachal-Athirapally


The best way to enjoy a smooth bike ride is to drink in the panoramic views offered by the Pollachi-Athirapally route. You will be riding through mist-covered tea plantations and fine tropical rainforests. The numerous dams nestled amidst mountains would be Instagram worthy spots to stop and take photos. Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife sightings as you ride through the Anamali tiger reserve. End your trip by soaking beneath the roaring Athirapally waterfalls.

Best time to visit: August- February

Trip length: 90 k.m

Recommended number of days: 1 day

10. Chennai – Mahabalipuram – Pondicherry

Chennai – Mahabalipuram – Pondicherry

The east coast road along the Chennai-Mahabalipuram-Pondichery route will give you the taste of salty air and the sound of constant laps of waves. This trail hugs the Indian Ocean along the coastal road. On the way, you can stop at the UNESCO heritage site at Mahabalipuram and pose atop the gigantic rock balanced on top of a hill. Landing in Pondichery, you might feel like you stepped into a French town. The light breeze and the swaying trees towering over the roads will keep you cool and fresh. This one day trip would be an ideal weekend getaway.

Best time to visit: August- January

Trip length: 100 k.m

Recommended number of days: 1 day

Things to carry on your bike trip

  • Comprehensive bike insurance policy – The first and foremost important document that you must carry before you embark on your epic bike ride must be your comprehensive insurance policy. You can easily buy bike insurance online with proper add-ons like Road- Side Assistance, Engine and Gearbox protection cover etc. to improve the coverage of your policy. An insurance policy is both a must-have document, without which you will be liable to pay fines, and a great asset if you ever happen to land on any mishaps. Bike rides can be dangerous and protecting your life must be of prime importance.
  • First-aid kit – Another important thing that most people overlook while packing is the first-aid kit. If you are a serious and responsible driver you must have a first-aid kid in hand and must also know how to administer the first-aid. Not only can this help you if you get into an accident, but you can also help others who are caught in an accident.
  •  Proper riding gears – Ensure you ride with proper gears like helmets, jackets, and riding gloves. Helmets are mandatory while driving in Indian roads. The varying temperatures in high altitudes can have drastic effects on your health and its best to protect against it with leather jackets. Gloves will help lessen the pressure on your hands while you drive long distances.
  • Water purifier and bottle – It is important to stay hydrated all the time. Dry weather can rob you off of moisture too soon and this can lead to dehydration and fluid imbalance. Ensure you carry a water bottle and water purifier with you so you can drink safely from lakes and brooks.
  • Essential tools and spare parts – Have spare tube, spark plugs, brake & accelerator cables in handy while you embark on long journeys. Your bike might give away to the hurdles thrown in by treacherous roads. It’s always best to have basic knowledge about repairing and maintaining your bike.

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