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5 Tips for Backpacking Through Europe

From the romantic Paris to electric Amsterdam, to modern Barcelona, to the monumental Rome, there is so much to see in Europe. This multi-lingual continent is filled with wonderful humans, historic architecture, stunning beaches and amazing wine. It all sounds like a dream, just like a paradise!

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So, for an enjoyable trip that is filled with best memories,it’s essential that you plan every second of your backpacking trip.To explore the best parts of this amazing continent, here are our top five tips:

1. Pack Light

Pack Light

The ultimate goal of backpacking through Europe is to travel light. Remember you are going to be doing a lot of walking, so carrying luggage all the time is not your best option. Although, while exploring the city you can leave your luggage at the hotel, there’s still going to be a fair amount of walking at each attraction.

So, resist the temptation to pack everything. Keep your packing light and simple to get yourself on the road. Include only:

  • Clothes relevant to the travel season
  • Travel accessories including backpack, towels, rope, duck tape etc.
  • General first aid items including medications that you regularly take
  • Electronics like charger and adapter
  • Important documents like Passport and Visa 

2. Go to Lesser-Known Yet Stunning Destinations

Go to Lesser-Known Yet Stunning Destinations

While it’s no lie that Spain and Paris are the ultimate must-visit cities, Europe is home to so much more. If you take the roadless travelled and visit some hidden gems,you are in for the most spectacular vacation spots in Europe.

Include these underrated yet enchanting cities in your trip:

  • Vezelay, France– Known for its vineyards, inspiring architecture and beautiful landscapes
  • Zurich, Switzerland– Known for its stunning lake Zurich, world-class food scene and impressive medieval architecture
  • Porto, Portugal– Known for its buzzing nightlife and scenic boat rides
  • Ayrshire, Scotland– Known for its sandy shores, island life and countryside towns

3. Embrace Public Transport

Embrace Public Transport

Europe’s public-transit system is top-notch, whether it’s the trains, buses, subways, or the occasional taxi. If you embrace public transit, it can also be a cultural experience, taking you through the advertisement and people filled river of workaday life.

For the tour of the town, you can take buses and trams. For your longest journeys, getting around by train is the best option. However, book your train tickets as much in advance as possible to avoid last minute hassles.

4. Be Savvy About Accommodation

Be Savvy About Accommodation

Besides the mode of transportation, another critical aspect that you will need to consider is where to stay. Accommodation can take the biggest bite out of your budget. However, deciding to stay in hostels can prove to be an affordable option for backpackers, especially those who are budget-minded.

The next obvious option is a hotel but expect this to be a bit costlier depending on the amenities provided.In case you are travelling with a small group, short term apartment rentals are also an excellent choice. Such apartments can act as your perfect short term home away from home!

5. Eat Like A Local

Eat like a Local

It is rightly said that “You have to taste a culture to understand it”. So, look for ways to make your Europe getaway more local by experiencing it in the same way as the locals who live there.

From the irresistible ‘Waffles of Belgium’ to the hearty ‘Cheese Fondue of Switzerland’, there is no shortage of spectacular food in Europe. So, forget about calories and try the local specialities on your every stop!

If you need help, let a local take you on a food tour. This is a great way to get intimate with the city’s food, wine and nightlife! You can even take the Social Media route and tweet out asking for recommendations. Residents love to share the best of their city, so you will be sure to find the famous delicacies!

Budgeting for Your Europe Trip

Just as putting together an itinerary is important, planning a budget for your trip is equally important. Though its difficult to know just how much you will spend, plan on budgeting about 5o to 70 Euro per day.

Today savvy travellers are making use of online personal loans to finance their travel goals. So, if the finances involved in planning your trip seems overwhelming, get personal loan online and plan a successful backpacking trip that lives up to your expectations. After all, a trip to Europe is once in a lifetime experience!

And with financial institutions like ABFL Direct offering instant approval on personal loans (within 30 minutes), the entire process has become quick and hassle-free. So, when you apply and get personal loan online, you can create your dream itinerary, arrange for transportation, and tackle other travel expenses worry-free before you are off to this amazing continent!

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