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10 Most Beautiful Gardens in India

Gardens are the best-planned space for the humans to explore and feel the touch of the Mother Nature. Our country is blessed to have a wide range of world famous gardens in its vicinity, the impressive beauty and the architecture behind these gardens are unmatched.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Gardens in India

1) Mughal Gardens, Srinagar

Mughal Gardens, Srinagar
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The world-famous Mughal gardens of Srinagar are located amidst the beautiful Kashmir Valley. The gardens are a conjunction of the Shalimar Bagh, Nishant Bagh and the Chashma Shahi, the union of these forms the enigmatic Mughal Gardens of Jammu and Kashmir. The historical and architectural significance of the Mughal gardens of J&K are unmatched, the gardens do not just offer splendid lawns but a diverse Persian style architecture and way of life too.

2) Yadavindra Gardens, Pinjore

Yadavindra Gardens, Pinjore
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The famous Yadavindra Gardens are the symbol of the gaudy Mughal rule in India, the site is located in the Pinjore city of the Haryana state of the India. The Yadavindra gardens were constructed under the regime of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. The chief architect of the place is Fidai Khan, the gardens are located in the foothills of the Himalayan range.

3) Lal Bagh, Bengaluru

Lal Bagh, Bengaluru

Lal Bagh can be regarded as the 40 acres of art and beauty, the garden is one of the most sorted gardens in the South Asia. Situated amidst the Southern part of the tech capital Bengaluru, the gardens were constructed during the rule of great Tipu Sultan. You can experience the unmatched architecture and the flavour of history here. There are more than 1,854 species of plants here.

4) Chaubatia, Ranikhet

Chaubatiya, Ranikhet
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Chaubatia Gardens are one of the exquisite tourist attractions in Ranikhet. The gardens were built during the British rule on the order of Lord Mayo. There are around more than 200 different species of the plants and flowers here. The 600-acre forest is located adjacent to Chubatia Gardens. Not many people know about the enigmatic beauty of the place, the gardens are gaining popularity day by day.

5) Mughal Gardens, New Delhi

Mughal Gardens, New Delhi
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The historical Mughal gardens are located inside the grand Rashtrapati House in the capital, the gardens are open to the public during the months of March and April only. The Mughal Gardens hold a great stance of the Mughal rule in the India. There are more than 70 varieties of flowers planted here, also different types of medicinal plants are located amidst the place.

6) Nek Chand Rock Garden, Chandigarh

Nek Chand Rock Garden, Chandigarh
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Rock Garden is one of the most famous tourist spots in the Northern India, the garden was designed with love and passion by Late Sh. Nek Chand Ji. The interesting thing about Rock garden is that instead of lush green gardens, you will find sculptures, statues etc. here are made with discarded junk, small stones, bangles, broken glass. The junk was recycled into the beautiful and appealing artefacts. Recently, the French President Francois Hollande visited the gardens with PM Modi.

7) Rao Jodha Rock Park, Jodhpur

Rao Jodha Rock Park, Jodhpur
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The Rao Jodha Rock Park is located in the majestic Jodhpur city of the royal Rajasthan state. The Rao Jodha Rock Park was built to showcase and preserve the diversity of the Rajput culture in the region, the park offers a splendid view of the Rajasthani culture and their architecture too. The Rao Jodha Rock Park is located in the foothills of the grand Mehrangarh Fort, the place attracts a large number of tourists.

8) Brindavan Gardens, Mysore

Brindavan Gardens, Mysore
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The famous Brindavan Gardens are located in the regal city of Mysore. The gardens hold significant historical importance for the rule of Tipu Sultan. The Brindavan Gardens are located just below the Krishnaraja Sagar Dam, the place is surrounded by lush flora and fauna. The region is blessed by mother nature, the Brindavan Gardens attract tourists from all over the India. 

9) Mehtab Bagh, Agra

Mehtab Bagh, Agra
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Mehtab Bagh is located amidst the world famous romantic tourist destination Taj Mahal. The Mehtab Bagh is one of the last garden built by the Mughals during their rule in the region. The splendid beauty of the gardens mixed with the charm of the Taj Mahal is encapsulating. One can’t just simply ignore the beauty of the place.

10) Botanical Gardens, Ooty

Botanical Gardens, Ooty

The famous Botanical Gardens are located amidst the heart of the gaudy Ooty city. The gardens are maintained by the Government of India, the place is located at an elevation of 2250 metres above the sea level. The climate of the region is attractive and calm. Several plant nurseries are here, Italian architecture is the main attraction of the Botanical gardens. The place was designed by Sir William Graham in 1848. The park preserves and showcases astounding 127 species of ferns. Every year Botanical Gardens of Ooty receives a huge chunk of enthusiasts.

One must visit these beautiful gardens today and discover the ancient architecture and the rich history behind it. Visit and explore the amusing blend of history and architecture now.

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