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5 killed in major fire in 2 Lucknow hotels

5 killed in major fire in 2 Lucknow hotels

Lucknow: The recent increase in temperature all over the country has been affecting the daily style in a substantial way. To add to the horrors of the day a massive circle of fire broke out at the SSJ International Hotel in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh during the early half of Tuesday. Evidently, the occurrence of this incident was reported to start from first floor of this hotel which is located near the Charbagh locality. With the high temperatures outside, the fire rapidly made its way to the surrounding areas while engulfing a building that was under-construction along with another hotel.

Meanwhile, 50+ people have already been rushed to the nearest hospital after being rescued from the site for treatment. A sequence of fire brigade troupe was rushed into line of action to control the fire in time. A large scale search operation was also conducted by the relevant authorities to ensure that no one was left behind in the fire breakout in both the hotels. The cause of the fire is still unknown and further research into the matter is required to affirm the cause after tending to the victims of the fire.

S Pandey, Inspector General of Lucknow, stated that about 5 people have died due to the fire breakout with uncertainty of the future death toll for the victims admitted in the hospital under critical condition. The 50+ people that were rescued from the hotel come under the category of minutely injured as well as critically injured admitted under the critical care unit.

Further the officials said that any lapse on the hotel administration’s part during the investigation shall lead to strict action being taken against the authorities. The locals of the area also hold resentment against the fire brigade team stating that they arrived too late at the scenario which led to the unfortunate demise of 5 people in the fire incident.

After the fire was put out with all the survivors rescued from the scenario, the concerned authorities launched an investigation to confirm whether all fire related security protocols where in place during the unfortunate incident or whether a thing or two was missing due to the negligence of the hotel authorities. The fire fighters managed to bring down the fire eventually but the high temperature eviscerate both the hotels.

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