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5 Luxury Experiences in India

India, being the country of numerous diversities, has a lot to offer. There are options for budget tours, luxury and ultra-luxury tours and many more options for you. If you have the time and money, you can get as much pampering and comfort as you want! The problem is knowing how much to spend for getting the true ‘luxurious’ experience.

The definition for luxury can be different for each person. For those staying in posh city apartments, luxury can mean being in the lap of nature or some adventurous activities or visiting an old village. For a person staying in a faraway countryside, however luxury can mean a posh big room with all in-house facilities like a bathtub with hot water, extra-large beds and so on. In this article we list out a few tips for you to choose the right luxury experience that can make your trip special for years to come.

Luxury Hotels

Choosing the hotel that suits your needs is important. You can choose to stay in a resort, homestay, heritage palace, theme hotels and many others, based on what kind of experience and memories you want to collect. If your intention is to see maximum number of places of the city, a hotel with all the facilities like room service, shower, private balcony, hairdryer, refrigerator, minibar, a desk and a comfortable bed is all you will need to spend the night and get ready for the next day. Additionally, services like Breakfast and dinner will ease your worries of searching good food elsewhere.

Luxury Hotels

If you want to have a relaxed vacation with only one or two places covered in a day and spend the rest of your time at the accommodation itself, a homestay or resort with spa, swimming pool, fitness centre, badminton/tennis court, golf, camping and other entertainment facilities will give a more enriching overall experience to your trip.

When choosing the hotel, always look for the additional services and how many of them you would actually want to use!

Luxury Cruise

The luxury cruise liners are always bustling with activities and will give a wholesome experience to your trip. Don’t get confused with the word ‘luxury’, it actually only means that the services are lavish, but the prices are still affordable! There are plenty of cruises available which have all modern amenities for the guest and in-house entertainment like dance performances, live music and other activities that highlight the heritage and culture of India.

The cruises have suites which are fully air-conditioned, have large beds and bathrooms equipped with shower. There is also TV and you can have picturesque sea views from the windows.

Luxury Cruise

Some cruise liners give an option of small kitchenettes so guests can also engage in some experimental cooking. The cruise has restaurants and bars that serve traditional cuisine and have many options for beverages too.

Choose from a range of cruise liners – cruise on backwaters, cruise along the Sunderbans, the Heritage cruise on the waters of Ganges and many others depending on your choice of a rare vacation experience.

Luxury Train Tour India

If you don’t want to miss even a minute to pamper and comfort yourself, choose a luxury train tour in India.

The Maharajas’ Express train offers range of destinations which are unique and depict the rich cultural heritage and history of India. The train itself has all possible amenities to indulge oneself and have the best time in their life.

5 Luxury Experiences in India

The Maharajas’ Express train covers different routes – The Heritage of India, Treasures of India, Gems of India, The Indian Panorama and The Indian Splendor. The train uncovers the most beautiful places of India with the best of activities like bathing at the holy ganges, watching or participating in the Elephant polo match, having dinner overlooking the best monuments and palaces, enjoying cultural performances in the midst of sand dunes and many more.

Luxury Beaches

The exotic beaches of India are to die for. With cool and crystal-clear waters and a range of activities to do in and around the beach, beaches are a must-visit place for a complete vacation.

Taj Fort

There are many excellent beach resorts that offer all luxuries for the entire duration of a traveller’s stay other than the beach-view deluxe rooms. Few popular beach resorts that provide the best amenities are Park Hyatt, Taj Fort, The Lalit and The Leela.

Luxury Spa

Most of the 5- and 7-star hotels and resorts in India have in-house spa facilities. Experience a relaxed vacation and rejuvenate your body and soul with a variety of packages in the spa and indulge yourself in some massages and body treatments. Steam it up with a hot jacuzzi or sauna to complete the experience.

The Oberoi Udaivillas, Udaipur SPa

The Oberoi Udaivillas, Udaipur offers great services and boasts itself as one of the best spas in India. The grand spa is skilfully decorated with chandeliers instantly giving a royal vibe to visitors.

There are many more like the Radisson Blue, Choki Dhani Resort, Pushkar Bagh and so on.

With so many distinct activities to do and places to visit, India sure gives the best of historic and naturald estinations coupled with modern resources for the most memorable and significant vacation of your life.

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