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Angriya Cruise: Mumbai-Goa luxury cruise with Capacity of 400 passengers

On October 12, India’s first domestic luxury cruise shipAngriya, successfully completed the maiden voyage of the new Mumbai to Goa route, sailing smoothly across the beautiful Indian Ocean. The purpose of this new route is to hopefully extend and boost the cruise industry in India.

The refurbished liner has seven decks and can carry as many as 400 passengers. The entire journey takes around 14 hours. Departing from the Mumbai port at 4pm, it arrives in Goa at 9am the following morning. The reverse route is the same: the cruise ship leaves Goa at 4pm and docks in Mumbai at 9am the next day.

What’s it like?

The Angriya boasts three open decks, an infinity pool, two fine-dining restaurants, and six different bars. Get pampered at the on-board spa during the evening before dancing the night away at the Fathom Lounge. There’s also a reading and recreation room with activities for children. As of now, there is no Wi-Fi offered on board.

Angriya Cruise - Mumbai to Goa Luxury Cruise

The two restaurants, the ‘Ancora’ and the ‘Coral Reef’, offer vegetarian and non-vegetarian meal options. The ‘Ancora’ also has a 24/7 coffee shop. Food and drinks are not allowed near the pool or in the rooms. Any outside food and drink is forbidden from being brought on board.


*On top of the room cost, there is a flat rate of Rs 2000 per person for meals (Rs 1000 for children). This fee includes a dinner buffet, breakfast, and a tea/juice and snack upon boarding. It doesn’t include any additional drinks or snacks you might take at the two ship restaurants or any of the six bars.

Traditional Rooms: Prices per person start from Rs 5,300 for a twin bed and no windows in a shared ‘Buddy Room’. Including the meal fees, a couple might pay anywhere from Rs 12,600 for the windowless ‘Buddy Room’ to Rs 19,300 for a spacious room with a double bed and a view of the sparkling ocean.

Angriya Cruise - Mumbai to Goa Rooms

A family of four could pay a minimum of Rs 31,000 (including meals) for a room with a double bed, a kids’ bunk, and no windows. The price raises to Rs 34,800 for a room with a large window.

Dorms: Probably the best and most affordable option on board for large groups are the dorms, which can hold 14, 16, or 18 people depending on the room. They have a hostel-like setup, with single bunk beds and a common washroom. Prices start at Rs 4,300 per bed, or Rs 6,300 with the meal fee.

Angriya Cruise Inside View

Luxury Pods: Perfect for single travelers or couples on a budget, the pods come in single or double bed options and share a common washroom. The pods are in two rows on either side of an isle, while a sliding screen door and curtains provide privacy. Including the meal fee, prices start at Rs 6,650 per person.

The first of its kind in India, the Angriya cruise liner offers luxury at a bargain. Spots are filling up fast, so go ahead and book your room of choice here.

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