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Britain’s heir to the throne Prince Charles tests positive for coronavirus, has mild symptoms

As per the statement of the Royal household of London, Prince Charles, heir to the British throne, has been tested corona positive. 

According to the released statements from Clarence House on Wednesday, Prince’s London residence, he seems to be displaying very mild symptoms. It has also been stated that Prince Charles, otherwise, happens to have good health. He was also reported to be working from home for the last few days.

 Sources from the London residence of the Prince also said that determining who transmitted the virus to Prince Charles is not possible as he remained highly engaged throughout recent weeks while carrying out his duties for the public. 

Prince’s wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, has also been examined for the test. However, her reports denote negative results for the coronavirus. 

Statements from the royal residence also mentioned that as per medical advice and the British Government, both Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla are now under self-isolation at their residence in Scotland.

Aged 71, Prince Charles, being the oldest child of British Queen Elizabeth II, happens to be the next heir to the throne. Prince William, son of Prince Charles, will follow him to the succession of the British throne.

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