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Cat Café Studio, Mumbai – A Café for Stray Cats

A one of a kind venture, Mumbai’s very first Cat Café Studio was opened up for all the cat lovers in the city. If you simply cant get enough of these furry felines and would love to cuddle up to them while sipping on a fresh cup of hot coffee, head on over to Cat Café Studio in Mumbai to enter a cat paradise! If you want to know what are some of the things you can enjoy in Mumbai’s Cat Café Studio, read on to find out!

Cat Café Studio – A Cafe for Stray Cats in Mumbai

Order a freshly brewed cup of hot coffee while you cuddle up to some of the sweetest stray cats of the city. You can enjoy the free wifi facility to take loads of selfies with your new friends and instantly upload them over your social media accounts.

Cat Café Studio, Mumbai
PC : http://catcafestudio.com

If you prefer to sit with a good book as you eat your yummy slice of cake with some tea, you can do that too here! Enjoy from a wide collection of free books at the Cat Café Studio at Mumbai.

On an outing with a bored group of friends and want to play some fun board games while you wait for your tasty food at Cat Café Studio, not to worry! There are many board games offered by the café for all their customers. Of course, board games will be the last thing on your mind as you enjoy your furry cuddles by your favourite four legged friends.

Cat Café Studio, Mumbai - A Cafe for Stray Cats
PC : http://catcafestudio.com

One of the best parts about Cat Café Studio? You don’t need to pay any entry fees or hourly charges to visit your favourite friends! Simply walk into Cat Café Studio in Mumbai and have a seat as the group of 30 to 40 cats come purring up to your legs to welcome you. Don’t worry about the little scratches and bites your little friends give you, all of the cats are vaccinated, fed, nurtured and well taken care of before they join Cat café Studio. What’s more, all the cats are up for adoption! If you fall in love with any of the furry little members of Cat Café Studio, you can adopt them immediately and take them home to love and keep.

Cat Café Studio in Mumbai is completely kid friendly as well. You can bring your little kids to the café without fear, as they have the best time of their lives playing with their new furry best friends. Enjoy a variety of food and beverages, from coffees and teas, to sandwiches, bagels, milkshakes, cheesecakes, brownies, fries and much more!

Cat Cafe in Mumbai
PC : www.newsleakcentre.com

One if its kind in India, Cat Café Studio was a great initiate taken by a group of young entrepreneurs. Head on over to the café anytime to enjoy an amazing meal with an even more amazing pet friendly experience. Take loads of selfies and upload pictures of your new friends! Who knows, you might just fall in love with one of the little members and take them home to love them forever.

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