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 ‘Kaidi Kitchen’ – A Restaurant in Chennai based on Prison Theme

Ever enjoyed your meal in a Jail ? You must have experienced or heard about a jail only in movies and books. Most of you must not experience a real jail, and of course, you never would like to. But, given a chance to visit and dine in a jail would definitely be an overwhelming experience for sure. To your surprise, you can do this any number of times you wish to, only you have to be in Chennai. The marketplace at Mylapore, Chennai has this theme based restaurant which provides you the opportunity of dining inside a jail with the precise environment.

Kaidi Kitchen
PC : http://kaidikitchen.com

Theme Restaurant – Kaidi Kitchen

Three friends – Rohit Ojha, Ankit Madhogaria and Saurav Aggarwal in the year 2012, with a vision that fine-dining is an art, opened this restaurant which served Mexican, Mongolian, Italian, and North Indian cuisine. They never had anything as a theme in their mind, but their belief that dining should be imprisonment, mainly satisfaction they gave the restaurant the theme of a “Jail”, and that’s the birth of “Kaidi Kitchen”.

Inspectors taking the Orders

The moment you reach the main entrance of the restaurant a big jail gate will welcome you.  The interiors of the pure vegetarian dining place are designed as a jail, with eight prison cells, though the cells are air-conditioned. The 8000sq Ft area has seating arrangements inside these cells and the customers who just want to watch people dine inside can sit outside the cells on the available seats. The cells have even huge locks just there are at any jail. The cells have warning “Red Lights” as can be seen in a jail. The walls of the cells and even the outside are designed neatly just like a jail, in square blocks of bricks. You can also find hand-cuffs displayed on cells.

Kaidi Kitchen Chennai
PC : http://naidunia.jagran.com

The order is taken by waiters dressed as Police Inspectors, wearing a complete police uniform, including the cap. The serving staff is dressed as jail prisoners. To present you, a complete feel of a jail, the lights inside are kept dim. The best part is you get pleased by the politely speaking inspector asking you for order and equally sober and well-mannered prisoner serving you.

Multi-Cuisine Pure Vegetarian Restaurant

It is just not the theme will amuse you, but the tantalizing Italian, Mexican cuisine will satisfy your savory. The food served here is palatable, exotic, and exquisite. They ensure that you get the best of dining and experience at the same time.

Kaidi Kitchen - A Restaurant in Chennai based on Prison Theme

The dining at Kaidi Kitchen can be an exciting and knowledgeable encounter for your kids when they get the feel of a jail; probably that is the aim of the founders also. The stupendous response from local Tamil customers visiting the restaurant gave the three friends to further expand their theme to other major cities and in line with that, they have opened their second one at Kolkata. You may soon find one in your own city as the three musketeers are exploring the franchise model.

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