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Cretterati, Gurgaon – India’s first and Only Dog Hotel

Cretterati - India's first Dog Hotel

Cretterati is India’s first luxury hotel for pets in Gurgaon. It’s a kind of dog hotel with five star luxury facilities for your pets. This amazing hotel aims to be your pet’s favorite destination with a team of world’s best pet-care experts providing incredible nurturing and caring service. Cretteratil has …

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Balasinor Fossil Park, Gujarat – World’s largest Dinosaur Fossil Park

Balasinor Fossil Park, Gujarat - World's largest Dinosaur Fossil Park

Balasinor in Gujarat has a nesting ground of fossilised dinosaur and a prehistoric burial ground. Not many know about it because only few talk regarding it. Moreover, no one has thought till date that this could be further developed as a tourist site or a UNESCO Geopark. Balasinor Dinosaur Fossil …

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Hikkim Post Office – World’s Highest Post Office

Hikkim Post Office - World's Highest Post Office

India boasts of having the largest postal network in the world with about 1,55,618 post offices and over 5,66,000 employees. From among these, the world’s highest post office, Hikkim (pin code 172114) is astonishingly located at 15,500 feet, above the sea Level and is a part of the Lahaul and …

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Longwa Village, Nagaland – One Village, Two Nations

Longwa Village, Nagaland - One Village, Two Nations

One can never figure out whether they are in India or in Myanmar when in Longwa village. According to the people here, the boundary line does not matter at all. Villagers can simply move around freely and Visa to Myanmar is not required. SCENIC BEAUTY literally gets redefined here and …

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Madhavaram – India’s Military Village 

Madhavaram - India's Military Village 

A country’s soldiers are their biggest sense of pride and asset. The people belonging to the birthplace of these soldiers are especially proud of a member of their community serving their country. One such place can be found in India, known as Madhavaram. Where is Madhavaram located? The small village …

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Tangra, Kolkata – India’s China Town

Tangra, Kolkata - India's China Town

A small, hustling bustling place in Kolkata, Tangra; is popularity known as India’s China Town. The area in Kolkata homes the largest community of Chinese people in India. As soon as you enter Tangra, Kolkata, you will feel as if you have been transported to the busy little streets of …

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Punsari, Gujarat – India’s Smart Village

Punsari, Gujarat - India's Smart Village

The sketch that is created in our minds, when we talk about Indian villages, is full of dusty, rough roads, shortage of water and electricity and dysfunctional schools. However, the Punsari village, located 90 km away from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, will change your idea of how a modern Indian village would …

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Sai Sanctuary – India’s only 300 Acres Private Wild Life Sanctuary

Sai Sanctuary in India

Once in a million, you will find those few individuals who are ready to dedicate their entire lives to the preservation of nature. Anil Malhotra and his wife Pamela Malhotra are two such individuals. With joint efforts, these two have successfully built India’s first and only 300 acre private wild …

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