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Cretterati, Gurgaon – India’s first and Only Dog Hotel

Cretterati is India’s first luxury hotel for pets in Gurgaon. It’s a kind of dog hotel with five star luxury facilities for your pets. This amazing hotel aims to be your pet’s favorite destination with a team of world’s best pet-care experts providing incredible nurturing and caring service.

Cretteratil has all premium amenities for your pets that helps them to relax and enjoy. This hotel has caring and affectionate staff and the environment is such that the pets would not like to go back from this lovely place.

Cretterati – India’s first Dog Hotel

Critterati was opened in May 2017 by Mr.Deepak Chawla and Mrs.Janvi Chawla. They made an  extensive research on pet hospitality in the US and Europe for 3 years and came up with this unique idea in India. Cretterati has all the amenities just like the premium luxury hotel. This hotel boasts of having 5 massive air conditioned floors. It is designed to suit the taste of the pet. The floor is made of special material that gives comfort to the pets.

Cretterati - India's first Dog Hotel
PC : http://critterati.in

It has family rooms, single rooms, balcony- view rooms and every room has a TV and world-class facilities. The beds in the rooms are made of pet friendly materials and attractive colours are used. It also has a bathing station, a clinic, and a shopping area. A cafe and other facilities that the dog can make use of is on the ground level. To relax in hot weather, there is boarding centre for all shapes and sizes of the dog, a huge playing area and a swimming pool. There is also an area with fake grass for all the pets to play and run around.

Benefits of Keeping your Pets at Cretterati

Cretterati provides ultramodern 5 star facilities for your pets. There is a live camera in each room, so that the owners can keep a check on their pets. There is a play area in this hotel with trained staff, toys and games that helps the pets to socialize. Regular swimming sessions keeps them active. There is a bathing area to keep them fresh and clean. For pets with special needs  care chambers with trained staffs are provided.

Benefits of Keeping your Pets at Cretterati, Gurgaon
PC : http://critterati.in

The spa offers ‘pawdicure’, massage, hair-colouring and complete makeover services to the pets. The health and wellness of the pets is of utmost importance so a dedicated, well qualified veterinary staff is employed in the clinic to facilitate the same.  There is a shopping area where dog food, toys, games and other things essential for the dog is available.

Why you should not skip Cretterati ?

Everything is planned and designed as per the comfort and suitability of the pets. Cretterati provides premium facilities like boarding, grooming,spa, café, clinic and shopping that helps the pet to play, enjoy and relax. Trained and qualified staff is employed round the clock to take care of the pets.

Cretterati, Gurgaon - India's first and Only Dog Hotel
PC : http://www.stile.it

The hotel is kept under surveillance to ensure safety and security of the pets. Cretterati provides luxury accommodation and a very healthy atmosphere for the pet throughout the stay. For luxury, comfort, safety and security of your loving pets Cretterati is the best place you can rely upon.

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