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CEO of Cradle Fund dies after his Smartphone explodes while Charging

CEO of Cradle Fund dies after his Smartphone explodes while Charging

CEO of Cradle Fund, Nazrin Hassan died after his mobile phone exploded while charging in the night. He was 45 years old and is survived by his wife and three children.

On a fateful night, two of his smartphones were being charged in his bedroom while one of them exploded. Reports explain that the fire caught the mattress and spread to the room, which caused his death.

Second report claim that splinters of the damaged phone hit him on the back of the head which led to his death. But the police have concluded an altogether different story that he died of smokes which went into his nostrils after being trapped in the fire, caused by mobile.

It is said that he was using two phones– Blackberry and a version of Chinese manufacturer Huawei’s. It is not clear which one was exploded.

In a statement on it, the Cradle Fund has said that the post-mortem report has inferred the cause of death as a complication of blast injuries.

Do you too have a risk of mobile explosion? This question is concerning one and all now. Scientifically, the mobile charging creates an uncontrolled positive feedback loop which we know as a thermal runaway. This is so powerful that it can end in a fire.

Many phones have precautionary devices which prompt them to shut down automatically when it’s hot. There are other ways that batteries become explosive. Overcharging usually happens when too much lithium goes into the anode.

Generally, lithium-ion batteries do not bulge or explode, but if they do, there can be two ramifications. The first could be a puncture, and the other one will lead to some excessive heat. This heat can cause internal short circuit within the battery, by disintegrating the internal cells.

A few non-standard batteries, we use as an alternative can sometimes accidentally produce rare microscopic metal particles inside. This metal particles come into contact with other parts of the battery cell and can lead to a short circuit.

Samsung’s new version of Note 7 reports suggests that the issue can take place when the device is charging. It leads us to a major cause which is known as excessive heat. It can again internal short circuit within the battery. But it usually does not occurs, it happens at abnormally high temperatures, with the faulty battery. Overcharging of any mobile device by the permissible level is caused by batteries which receive a lot more current than they can safely handle. It causes them to overheat and possible blast.

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