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Coronavirus in India: Online grocery firms aim for smoother deliveries amid lockdown

Soon after Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister announced the 21-day long lockdown for the entire country on Tuesday, multiple retailers for online grocery started assessing the repercussions of this lockdown. These service providers have been facing hiccups for over a week due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, they aim to restart the deliveries in the fastest way possible to help the public in need.

As per the guidelines by the government, delivery of the essential items such as medicines and grocery are allowed for the lockdown period. Online delivery services such as Grofers, Big Basket, as well as Amazon had no other choice but to cancel the orders that were placed in the recent due to shortage of supplies.

Post the initial lockdown declared by the Prime Minister, the delivery agents were being stopped by the cops and local authorities that didn’t have proper updates on the fact that online essentials were also permissible under the latest laws.

As per the message sent by Big Basket to its customers, they are currently working with the local authorities to re-launch the delivery process on an urgent basis. Other delivery agents, which include Amazon and Grofers, also had to face similar issues but are working hard with the authorities to ensure the delivery of essentials for the public.

Recent reports mention that Flipkart has also followed suit and shut down its services for deliveries except for essentials.


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