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Dog Sent to Store With Note in Collar to Buy Cheetos for Self-Isolating Owner

After several states all over the United States invoked the Stay-At-Home-Orders pertaining to the hazard of coronavirus pandemic, it has now become harder & even more dangerous for anyone to leave home. The need for isolation has now forced many to get creative in their purchase for supplies and groceries.

One man based in Mexico took inspiration from the viral meme suggesting that you can ask your pooch to go shopping on your behalf. This is because dogs are spared from the adversities of Coronavirus and it doesn’t affect them in any way.

Antonio Munoz, the man behind the application of this idea happened to document the entire experience over his page on Facebook. During the 3rd day of his self-quarantine, Munoz had been craving Cheetos for quite some time. However, he wasn’t willing to risk any exposure. This is why he called his best friend for help who was none other than Chokis, his Chihuahua.

Munoz happened to attach a bill of $20 along with a note to the collar & sent his pet to the convenience store located on the opposite side of his street. This note, which was written in Spanish, asked the shopkeeper to sell a pack of Cheetos to the dog. He was also specific about the colour he wanted stating that it should be orange and not red.

However, the pet successfully carried out the operation and was back with the orange Cheetos.

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