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Flying to US: Powdery substance over 350 gm will be not allowed in hand bag soon

Flying to US- Powdery substance over 350 gm will be not allowed in hand bag soon

New Delhi: According to new rules, all flights bound to the United States will now not be allowed to take more than 350 gms of powdery substances. They will be subject to new security screening procedures before the takeoff. This will apply equally to American citizens and foreign travellers.

All US airlines and global airlines are asked to comply with these rules, which bar passengers flying to the United States to carry not more than the requisite quantity of the powdery substance in handbags.

These rules are seemingly much strict than an earlier ban on laptops inside the cabins of a number of airliners. It then targeted about 10 Mideast cities and their airlines earlier.

To be applicable from June 30, the US Transportation Security Administration will enforce the rule after an attempt to put an improvised explosive device using powder explosives on a Gulf carrier in Australia was foiled last year.

Almost all Airlines have advised US-bound flyers not to put such things in handbags to avoid screening of the same.

Air India usually operates a number of nonstop flights from Delhi and Mumbai to a number of US destinations like New York, Chicago, Washington and San Francisco. From next Saturday travellers with powdery substances including various dry spices, talcum or cosmetic powders will be required to check them in if carrying more than 350 grams of it.

It says powder-like substances greater than 350 ml needs to be placed in a separate bin for screening. Additional screening is required and containers may need to be opened.

Airlines have started sending messages to the concerned passengers to this effect. Singapore Airlines says on its website in a June 18 post that additional security measures for non-stop US-bound flights are being enforced. It may require customers on non-stop flights to the US to undergo enhanced security measures.

Such checks will comprise the inspection of these powdery substances where powdery substances which are 350ml or larger will not be taken for carriage in the cabin. Customers have been asked to place such items in their checked baggage.

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It is said that baby milk formula and powder containers inside a sealed and tamper-evident bag will not be restricted into the cabin. Customers have been asked to proceed to the boarding gates much early to allow proper time for the new security measures, an airline says.

A number of international airlines have already declared that they would enforce the new security measures on Thursday. They offered different descriptions of how the procedure could be effective. It could ask to fill a form from the prospective traveller or verbally quizzed by airline security personnel.

These security measures arising out of new enforcement will affect all international passengers, including US citizens which are travel bound to the United States from their international location.

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