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Get prediction of Waitlisted rail tickets now! Check if a ticket can be confirmed or not ?

IRCTC now lets you predict if a Waitlisted ticket will get Confirmed or not

If you are planning for a journey, confirmed rail ticket is the worry, you fear more, everytime, but not much to worry now, thanks to the improvement of some features of next generation online ticket booking website of IRCTC. Now you can get prediction of your planned booking with just a click, besides a lot of new features.

The intelligent logarithm of the new booking is now equipped to predict whether you will have chances to get your ticket confirmed on the day of journey. This is something pleasant news for the passengers, who used to run here and there for such assessment. Or, more precisely, used to shell out quite a handsome amount under the garb of dynamic fares or tatkal booking slots.

The feature of prediction of RAC ticket can be useful in holidays when a large number of people travels to popular destinations. This method will calculate the possibilities of the ticket confirmation on the basis of historical data of previous seasons. Though it is not a rocket science, but it certainly can make up your mind, based on the possibilities of the ticket confirmation.

A number of filters have also been added in the new user interface, where journey details, availabilty of the tickets for alternate days and fare breakups will be offered in more user friendly manners.

The Vikalp Scheme, which is an existing scheme to offer confirmed accommodation to your destination by extending its ambit to RAC status. Now, you can search the trains where your RAC status can be converted in confirmed accomodation in any other train of the route.

The user interface has also gone a nice change where it will remember the old entries, and let you save different cards for the passengers in your list.

You can now save your credit or debit cards and thus no need to fill data of the cards every time you book a ticket. You can save as many as six banks details in my profile and payment section.

My transaction feature of the IRCTC website too has got a transformation. Now you can search your earlier journeys, by putting date, place, upcoming and completed travels.

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