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Google pledges not to use AI for Weapons

Google pledges not to use AI for Weapons

The CEO of Google Inc. Sundar Pichai has clarified his stand on the principles of Artificial intelligence in using it for the war or such situations. His blog post makes it clear that Google will never use this technology for warfare or mass surveillance systems.

The relevant post of Pichai points out the salient features of AI principles in relation to the Google. The company is facing protests from within its own followers over its participation in the Project Maven with the US Defense Department. Few employees of Google have also quit their jobs over the company’s involvements in this project, it is said.

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The blog of Pichai says that artificial intelligence is a type of computer programming which learns and adapts itself. Although it has a great potential to improve the lives of people, on the other hand, it is admitted that AI cannot solve all the problems. Moreover, its use will raise some unanswered questions about its use.

S Pichai said that though the company is a leader in the field of AI, it has a greater responsibility. It has a total of seven principles to guide their AI work. These principles are not merely the concepts only, but these are concrete standards, which govern research and product development. they are bound to impact business decisions, he adds.

Google’s principles regarding artificial intelligence enumerate that the AI needs to be socially beneficial. it should avoid creating or reinforcing unfair bias, and will need to be tested for safety. Moreover, it will need to be accountable to the people. AI from Google needs to be tested for safety, have privacy things embedded within the design, and uphold high levels of scientific excellence.

Its seventh principle says that AI could only be made available for uses that are in consonance with other principles of the company. Google will also evaluate the timings of these new technologies, which can be made available on a non-commercial basis.

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The Google post notes that it will not build AI technologies which will cause any harm by means of weapons, including those which may cause or inflict injury on the people. It will also not restrict AI technology from the company to be used for surveillance purposes, which violate accepted norms. Google will not let its research to be used against principles of international law and human rights.

Though, it clarifies that Google will continue to work with governments and the military in many other areas like cyber security, training, military recruitment, veterans’ healthcare, and search and rescue.

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