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What is ‘Modicare’ Scheme, its promises and How does it work?

What is 'Modicare' Scheme, its promises and How does it work

The government’s new healthcare scheme, famously called Modicare, is set to completely redefine how healthcare works in the country. National Health Protection Scheme will provide cashless treatment to patients. Alongside the Wellness Centers, which will provide primary care to patients, it will adjunct to the Ayushman Bharat Yojana. However, since …

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Green Tea: Is it really an elixir for your heart ailment?

Green Tea- Is it really an elixir for your heart ailment

Yes, it may be, if recent research is to be believed. A complex molecule found in a few varieties of natural green tea might assist in recovering against atherosclerosis– a common cause of heart attacks and stroke globally. We all know that Atherosclerosis is an illness of the arteries which …

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Using high-protein diets? Think again! You may be prone to a Cardiac Problem

High-Protein diets may increase your Chances of getting a Heart Disease

A high-protein diet of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is often suggested to the people who love to make their muscles. Nutritionists recommendations help them to build muscle and lose fat, it is commonly believed. But, contrary to popular beliefs, the middle age persons ran the risks of cardiac arrest, if …

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Quetiapine: Living without Psychoses

Psychoses have become part of our reality. The modern life has brought us many benefits, but also great responsibility and stress. This way of living takes all of us; we are entirely dedicated to work and everyday obligations, without even paying attention to how it affects us. Every man on …

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7 Health Benefits of Green Tea : One of the Healthiest Beverage on Planet

Green tea Heath Benefits

Green Tea, as name suggests is made from green leaves of Camellia Sinensis plant after some minimum oxidation process. A native of China, which originated about 4700 years ago, it is available in a number of Asian countries and used rampantly. There is a wide range of Health Benefits of …

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How to Lose Weight fast at Home without Exercise ?

weight loss diet plan for women and men

    Obesity is directly related to your diet. Indians have always been eating spicy food and people from western countries are more inclined towards sweets and non-vegetarian food. In western countries, people do not use much spices. However, they like to have ice-creams, cookies, cakes, muffins, candies, cold drinks, chocolates …

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