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How to Lose Weight fast at Home without Exercise ?

   How to Lose Weight fast at Home without Exercise Obesity is directly related to your diet. Indians have always been eating spicy food and people from western countries are more inclined towards sweets and non-vegetarian food. In western countries, people do not use much spices. However, they like to have ice-creams, cookies, cakes, muffins, candies, cold drinks, chocolates etc. So, we can say that majority of people consume a good amount of fats and carbohydrates in their diet. This tends to provide more calories and hence increase their weight and make people obese.

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       Dietitian Ishi Khosla says that its good to have less amount of sugar, fats, cholesterol in your diet.  But the products which are free from these have some other adverse health effects. For example : –  Cholesterol free cake is prepared by using white flour and sugar mixed with some toxins. These toxins are not good for our health.  So, to get free from fat & sugar we actually also get free from some necessary fats, antioxidants, fiber, and minerals.

According to a report published in New England Journal of Medicine, if we have control over our weight, then there can be about 40% decrease in obesity and diseases associated with it.

You can follow these weight loss diet plan to decrease your weight and have control over obesity: –

weight loss diet plan for women and men

  1. Nowadays, there has been a trend to have soup before dinner. Avoid using soups available in market. Instead of that have clear soup from vegetables. Do not use cream butter, cheese, bread etc with it.
  2. Have a lot of salad in your diet. But remember to put a lemon or vinegar dressing on it. Avoid eating salad in public places like restaurant, parties etc.
  3. Please reduce your daily intake of tea and coffee to maximum 3 to 4 times a day. If possible include green tea in your weight loss diet which has a large number of health benefits.
  4. Cold drinks are full of calories. So instead of that you can have coconut water, lemon juice, sugarcane juice etc.
  5. If you are addicted to eat a lot, then have grilled soya bean, or grilled black chickpea etc . So that even if you eat a lot you don’t consume a lot of calories.
  6. If you have your meals in a big plate. Start eating your meals in a bowl or a smaller plate.
  7. Do not eat your meals while you watch TV. Also, chew your food nicely and do not eat in a hurry.
  8. Choose the type of food which gives you energy for a long time such as Pasta, flour or atta noodles, pulses, fruits etc. So include these in your weight loss diet plan.
  9. If you feel like eating sweets choose something which are naturally sweet and has to be added with less sugar.
  10. Try to add multi-grain flour to your diet.

Conclusion :

So, to lose your excess weight try to follow the above mentioned weight loss diet plan. Try to understand this truth that the reason behind your obesity is not your low metabolism or due to any disease. However, the main reason behind your obesity may be lack of necessary nutrients in your diet.

Hope you liked to know about How to Lose Weight fast at Home without Exercise. If you have any queries or feedback, you may leave your comments below.

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