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Gudi Padwa 2020: Date, Timing, Puja Vidhi and Significance of Hoisting Flag

Gudi Padwa, one of the prominent festivals in India, celebrated in the spring, symbolizes the start of Marathi new year. Basically, the date for celebrating Gudi Padwa falls on shukla pratipada of chaitra month. Being one of the most prominent celebrations of Maharashtra, it is also celebrated across the country. According to religious beliefs, Gudi hoisting brings good fortune and luck. 

The celebration marks the onset of spring season in the southern part of the country. People in this region celebrate by harvesting crops. The rituals begin with a traditional bathing ceremony, flower decoration of the main entrance of the house, and hoisting Gudi along with performing other rituals. 

Gudi Padwa’s Significance: 

People in the state of Maharashtra hoist Gudi for commemorating Chhatrapati Shivaji’s victories. Devotees observe this festival as hoisting Gudi symbolizes the return of Lord Ram from exile post his 14-year long Vanavasa.


According to Vedic panchang, March 25 is the date for celebrating Gudi Padwa this year. 

Puja Vidhi: 

Wake up anytime before sunrise and bathe. Observe fast and clean your house. Hoist Gudi Padwa and worship for 5 minutes post sunrise. Make rangoli at your pooja room entrance. Gudi has to be placed on the right side of your house’s main door. Make swastika with vermilion and turmeric powder. Worship with lit candles. Drink water stored in a copper pot the next day. Donate clothes to the poor.

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