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Herd of deer not lounging on Ooty-Coimbatore road amid coronavirus lockdown

If you have been seeing a picture of a group of deer lounging on the empty road amid the coronavirus lockdown being shared over social media, you are not alone. This photograph being shared with a claim that this group has been lounging on the highway stretching from Ooty to Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu is completely fake.

This picture is being circulated with a caption that mentions wildlife reclaiming the public spaces as the entire nation stays home amid the coronavirus pandemic lockdown. This image was also shared by a Journalist & ex-Chief Editor at Hindustan (Hindi daily) named Mrinal Pande.  She was among the Twitter users that shared this image on Friday.

This tweet instantly went viral garnering her 4600+ likes as well as 493 retweets. Puri Jagannath, a Telugu movie director & producer also posted the very same image with a caption that mentioned that 100s of dolphins have been playing in Mumbai’s Marine Drive while Peacocks are playing outside the KBR park, and the deers resting by the Coimbatore roads. He further pleaded that we need to remember that this planet is shared and not owned by humans.


The tweet was even shared by H.G.S. Dhaliwal, an IPS officer.


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