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How to update Pan Card Number in HDFC Account ? (Online & Offline)

Know How to update Pan Card Number in HDFC Account ?

You must already be having your Bank Account with HDFC Bank. However, you may have not updated your PAN Card while opening the account. Don;t worry we will tell you how to update your PAN Card details in your Bank Account.

How to update Pan Card Number in HDFC Account ? (Online Procedure)

Please note that to follow this procedure, you must be able to use your HDFC Net Banking. Only if you can access HDFC Net Banking facility you will be able to update your details Online.

Step 1 : Login to HDFC NetBanking with you Customer ID & Passpord (Visit this Site : https://netbanking.hdfcbank.com/netbanking)

Step 2 : Click on the third Option in the Left Sidebar (Request)

Update request HDFC : How to update Pan Card Number in HDFC Account

Step 3 : Now Under Request, Click on the 6th Option (Add/Update PAN Number)

Add or Update Pan Number HDFC

Step 4 : Now you will a box to UPDATE your PAN Card Number. Enter your PAN Card Number in this Box and Click on Continue.

PAN Number Updation Form

Your  request will be forwarded to the HDFC Bank as soon as you click on Continue. As soon as your PAN Number is updated on the Records of the Bank, you will be notified about the same Via Email or SMS.

How to update Pan Card Number in HDFC Account ? (Offline Procedure)

For those who do not have a NetBanking Account with HDFC Bank OR are not tech savvy can follow this procedure to update your Pan Card Number in HDFC Account.

Step 1 : Visit your HDFC Home Branch (The Branch where you have your Account).

Step 2 : Ask for PAN Card Updation Form.

Step 3 : Fill the PAN Card Updation form completely and re-check all the details before submitting the form. You may also be asked to attach the photocopy of your PAN Card with this form.

Step 4 : Submit the form to the concerned person in the Bank and your job is done. You will be notified about the updation of your PAN Number on your Account Via SMS or Email.

Hope you understood the procedure on how to update PAN Card Number in HDFC Account. If you have any queries, you may leave your comments below.

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  1. now Govt decided to link PAN card details to bank account to avoid corruptions. PAN card have so many benefits and it can be used in many sectors as you discussed like Banking, stock market and buying real estate and vehicles. Thanks for these valuable information.

  2. pushpendra singh

    Wrong pancard no. Shows in my hdfc account. I have tried to change it many time online but always fail. At last I visit to my nearest branch and they sent a request to change my pancard no. But 7 days left no positive result found. Help me.

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