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Ill on Vacation/Holiday? What to do?

When we talk about holidays or vacations, its all about beautiful places, having fun, and sharing some amazing pictures after getting back home. The mere thought of getting ill during the much longed vacations can be your worst nightmare come true. Regardless of how prepared you are, things are beyond control when it comes to health. Major triggers when it comes to getting sick while travelling could be food allergy, underlying issues, or maybe even a sudden accident could easily distort the whole planning.

Ill on Vacation,Holiday, What to do

Here is what you can do when you get sick during holidays or vacations.

1. Prepare before you leave

Now, before you leave for your holiday destination, you usually plan your clothing items, accessories, hotels to stay, cash to carry, and so on. However, what we all forget is preparing for unforeseen circumstances such as accidents or illness. Make sure you take all your pills before leaving if you suffer from any terminal illness such as heart issues, thyroid, diabetes, etc. Carry extra supply of medications for cold and fever, gas, pain killers, and so on. Oh, and most important, get yourself a travel insurance for medical issues.

2. Medical Repatriation

Despite the precautions you take, you can fall sick. Now is the time to opt for the benefit out of your insurance service provider. Once you fall ill, make sure you call the insurance provider and  inform him of your issue. If you are unable to fly back for the treatment, you can opt for medical repatriation option that can provide you the necessary coverage for flights that are medically equipped to take you to a suitable hospital or home if necessary.

3. Get your Pending Vacations

Before you hop on to your flight or maybe car if you are planning a road trip to the destination, make sure you are done with your vaccinations or maybe the pending shots your children need to get. This is especially true when you are planning on visiting countries that are known for communicable diseases. There are several vaccinations that will surely protect you from diseases that are prevalent in these countries. Even you are updated with the shots, make sure you opt for packaged water that is clean as opposed to drinking unfiltered ones. Also, look for places that are hygienic to eat.

4. Keep your Prescriptions with you

In case you are out of your medicines when visiting a different city, country or even continent, you need to have your prescriptions with you to ensure that you can refill the medications you need in time. Additionally, you need to check for the cost of the medications as they can vary from one place to another. So ensure that your insurance provider covers the cost of the medications when you are on a foreign land.

5. Get to a Certified Doctor

Do not settle for any doctor when travelling. Ask for the certified ones with experience so that you get the best treatment without hampering your health. Ask around for the popular medical facilities in the area or search for them online. Always have someone close to take care of you just in case the illness or injury is too bad.

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