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Things you need to keep in mind while travelling from Kolkata to Mumbai

For any Indian, the difference between these two metro cities is obvious. While one is known for its famous Durga Puja, the other city echoes with the sound of “Ganpati Bappa Morya”. Both these places are considered as metro cities. However, there is a huge difference when it comes to lifestyle, development and much more. If you have been planning a journey from “the city of Joy” to “the city of dreams”, you can do so by train or flights.

Before you book your Kolkata to Mumbai flights and start on the journey to this adventurous transcend, make sure you are prepared for anything unexpected when in Mumbai.

1) Crazy Traffic

Mumbai Traffic
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While Mumbai is the city of ample opportunities, it attracts a lot of people from all over the country thereby increasing the population every year. So when you reach Mumbai after experiencing the traffic of Kolkata, be prepared to wait in long traffic. Now, this might not be so bad given the fact that you can spend this time observing the hawkers, or people running off to their school, colleges, or work while the driver takes you to the destination. This is the best way you can get up close with the Mumbaikers and understand their lifestyle.

2) Keep enough cash handy

Keep enough cash handy
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Both Kolkata and Mumbai are expensive when compared to small cities or towns but when compared with each other, turns out, Kolkata is much cheaper. So if you are a Kolkata resident visiting Mumbai, make sure you have enough cash with you so that you don’t run out of money right when you need it the most.

3) Food

Vada pav
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From rosogolla to the varieties of fish based dishes, Kolkata brings you delicious recipes that make you want more every time you visit the local eateries. However, a visit to Mumbai is the much needed change to your daily routine of Bengali food. Get the taste of spicy dishes straight from the heart of Maharashtra as you gorge in some delicious curries that you have never tasted before.

4) Entertainment

Leopord Cafe
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While Kolkata is not as far behind when compared to Mumbai in terms of entertainment, it is obvious that currently, Mumbai is the clear winner. With numerous pubs, restaurants, cafes, bars, and other options for the youth of the city, you get ample options to keep yourself entertained with no dull moment.

5) Weekend Trips

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While Kolkata doesn’t offer much choice for weekend trips with choices limited to Mandarmani, Digha and some adjoining areas, Mumbai can be your heaven when it comes to weekend plans. The best thing about visiting Mumbai is the fact that you can easily reach Goa and enjoy a laidback lifestyle with the cheapest alcohol in the entire country. You can also visit other places nearby such as Pune, Panchgani, Amboli, Khandala, etc.

6) Climate

Mumbai Rain
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When in Kolkata, you will be exposed to all kinds of seasons and enjoy each one of them. However, the major faction of the year in Mumbai is decked with the monsoon and summer seasons with very little to no winter at all. So be ready to experience a hot climate when visiting this city.

While both the cities have their own sets of pros and cons, one must remember all the points stated above and prepare accordingly for a trip to Mumbai from Kolkata. Most of all remember to have fun when out with friends and family. The best thing about Mumbai is you are never alone in this city, you can always make a friend or two.

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