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6 Most Common Problems to Avoid While Traveling Overseas

So far, we haven’t come across anybody who doesn’t love to travel and the number of Indians traveling abroad in recent years has shot up significantly. Traveling abroad is fun, but be ready to face some problems. You can’t avoid all the problems completely, but you can take precautions so that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest. Following is the list of most common problems faced by all Indians while traveling abroad and how they can circumvent them. 

1. Getting used to extreme weathers

Getting used to cold foreign conditions can be really difficult. Winters in India aren’t as cold as compared to western countries. In many European countries, and the USA, the mercury level drops to 0 degrees. Getting used to such conditions can be a tough ask if you aren’t prepared for it. Carry an extra bag for warm clothes–coat or down jacket, warm inner layer such as a thermal shirt, sweater, thick pants, knit cap, muffler, mask, and disposable heating pads.

2. Connectivity


While traveling abroad it’s important to stay connected with your loved ones. You will also feel the need to post pictures and videos on Instagram and Facebook. You can’t always survive on WIFI while traveling outdoors. So, make sure to carry an International SIM card as per requirement.You can buy one at the airport on arrival. But, this will create paperwork hassles. So, it’s better to buy an International SIM in advance and get it activated on your travel date.

3. Cabs is an expensive affair

Averagely, in the USA hiring a cab is 10 times more expensive than hiring a cab in India. This is one the reasons why international trips get over budgeted. Same is the case with European countries. It’s always a wise decision to use public transport like buses and trains, save that money, and you can shop more with the same.

4. Obese luggage bag

Whenever Indians go abroad, everybody (even those who are remotely connected) hands a long list of things to buy. You may be traveling light from India, but while returning be ready to carry a couple of bags of chocolates and clothes, accessories, etc. To take care of this problem, carry foldable bags. They are compact and do not consume much space. As and when luggage keeps piling up, you can use these bags to stuff the things you buy.

5. Learn the common phrases

While shopping, taking a cab or using public transport, asking for directions, etc. you need to communicate with locals. So, it’s always advisable to learn common phrases like “Thank-you”, “Where’s this place?”, “Please”, and “I am sorry”. This will go a long way.

6. Carry a papermap

A paper map is the key to getting around the city. It helps you learn the names of major streets and neighborhoods, locate gas station, and find rivers, subways and transit lines. You may have your phone with you but without an internet connection. Also, it’s common to lose your way while shopping and it becomes difficult going back to your hotel. So, make sure to take a print of the map, or buy on arrival near the airport.

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