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6 Important Tips for a Better Sleep when Traveling

Having a sound sleep with adequate amount of hours is essential for the health and well-being of human bodies. Research and studies have shown some shocking evidences that even the minor level of sleep deprivation can be a cause of many health problems. If you are frequent traveller, the biggest challenge you might face while on the road or over the skies could be the inadequate hours of sleep.Therefore, it is of utmost importance to have a sound sleep especially at the time when you are travelling.

But, fret not! Listed below are some of the important tips which you can follow for a sound and peaceful sleep at the time of travelling:

  • Consume Alcohol and Caffeine in Moderation: Caffeine can make you stay awake with alertness for hours; cutting back on its consumption would be a great idea to doze off when required. Also, try to refrain from consuming too much of alcohol on international flights, it may help you to sleep better on one side. But, on the other side, when you will wake up the next day, you will be waking up with a terrible hangover along with a severe headache that may hamper your alertness and productivity for the entire day. So, whenever that you are drinking while travelling, make sure you do it moderately to avoid the next day hangover.
  • Always Carry a Sleep Mask: Sleep mask is undoubtedly one of the most important essentials to pack when travelling. It is now proven that sleep masks can help frequent travellers to adjust to different time zones and reduce the jet lag problem. Whether you are travelling in a car with bright daylight or whether you want to reduce the overhead plane light, sleep mask is the best option to do away with the unnecessary and unwanted light. Therefore, for a sound sleep while travelling, never forget to pack your sleep mask.
  • Earplugs: Earplugs are often taken as a very small item to pack, but its size doesn’t matter in providing for a sound and peaceful sleep. You never truly know what sort of sound and noise levels you have to go through from boarding the pool to checking in to the hotel or even when travelling in a car. Plugin in your earplugs can quickly help you attain your peace and it might take you to state of nirvana. If you don’t want to rely on earplugs, the other best alternative is to carry a noise cancelling headphones to tune in some soothing music.
  • Don’t Forget your Neck pillow: A neck pillow is a great option to avoid any discomfort while sleeping in an upward sitting position, also it will protect you from dozing off and putting your head on a helpless stranger’s shoulder. With variety of travel cushions and pillow options available, you can choose yours according to your preference. But, while travelling, an inflatable neck pillow would be great, as it is handy and easy to transport when it comes to catching some sleep at uncomfortable places.
  • Consider the local time: When you are frequently travelling across cities or countries, you may fall for severe jet lag with different time zone. But the key here is to stick to the local time zone that you are in. Whenever that you are in new time and feel jetlagged, always resist on the temptation to take a long nap during the day. Doing this will prolong and increase the effects of jet lag and will make it extremely difficult for you to sleep peacefully in the night time. Therefore, for best of your interest it is recommended to get your eating habits and exercise routine in line and accordance with the new local time. An hour of cardio and three meals a day, always help the body to adjust quicker.
  • Read a book or relax before jumping to bed: To fall asleep faster and quickly, spend time on the activities that you like and at the same time makes you exhausted. You can read a book, listen to soothing music, take a hot bath or opt for a short workout. This will help you fall asleep faster with peace and comfort.

Travelling can be difficult with all the packing and planning involved. But, if all this is done with proper planning & implementation along with the right essentials packed in your suitcase, you can never lose out on your precious sound sleep.

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