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Indian Railways plans to revamp 30,000 express train coaches

Indian Railways plans to revamp 30,000 express train coaches

Soon the coaches of all Indian Railways’ Mail and Express trains, would be saying goodbye to dark blue colour and will be repainted with a new colour scheme of beige and brown. It may be recalled that the blue colour coaches are here since the 1990s.

The initiative will be started with the Delhi-Pathankot Express, of which 16 coaches have already been repainted with the new colour scheme. The freshly-painted train will be operational by the month end only.

Railways plan to repaint all of them, except all except Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Duronto and newly launched Tejas, Gatimaan and Humsafar Express. There are about 30,000 such coaches manufactured at the Integral Coach Factory in Chennai.

It is seen as a makeover exercise of Indian Railways for the coaches, which was the need of the hour. The new colour scheme has been developed by Northern Railway’s in-house team. This scheme has been approved by Railways Minister Piyush Goyal, says an official of the Railways.

Besides the new colour scheme, few premier trains like the new Rajdhani Express has been given a makeover recently. It will have a designer vinyl wrap on the walls of the passages, entrances, toilets and ceilings. This vinyl wrap is made up of a toughened coating so that people won’t be able to damage it, purposely or inadvertently.

It is pointed out that Railways has been endeavouring to improve the overall look and services of the trains for an improved passenger experience. The interior changes will include replacement of toilets with the introduction of bio-toilets, better mobile charging ports and reading lights at each berth, cosy seats, better ladders for reaching to upper berth, illuminated berth indicators and clean and hygienic blankets.

The colour scheme and introduction of better amenities in the coaches for a more pleasing travel experience is a step of the Railways’ efforts to make passengers’ experience a pleasant one, the Railways spokesman official said.

After the introduction of bio-toilets in the train coaches, Indian Railways is now planning to replace them with much better vacuum bio-toilets, as we see in the aeroplanes.

In continuation of the drive, about 500 vacuum bio-toilets of the best quality have been ordered. If their performance is found better, the Railways will not hesitate to spend money to upgrade all the 2.5 lakh toilets in the trains with vacuum bio-toilets, the minister says.

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