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Take your luggage prudently or get fined, Indian railways warn erring passengers!

Indian Railways will levy Huge Fine For carrying Excess Luggage in Trains

If you are in the habits of taking extra luggage in your travels by trains, beware. Carrying extra luggage on railways can attract additional charges and a penalty. Most of the passengers are not aware of the rules on baggage, which allow them to carry extra baggage. It is said the laxity has led to huge quantities of luggage being carried, culminating in a lot of complaints from co-passengers.

People are aware that airlines charge extra amount for the extra baggage. For the railway, rules are also there which ask for extra charges for the excess baggage. Extra luggage has to be booked in advance, and it has to be carried through luggage van.

The railways have decided to act tough now. Excess baggage carried without paying fees will attract a penalty. The amount of the penalty may be six times the fee, it is said.

The railways plan to enforce the existing rules through a special drive in the first week of June across all its zones. Initially, the railways will depend on random checks. Besides the weight, they will also check for pieces of baggage that are bulky.

According to the rules, a passenger in a first-class air-conditioned compartment is allowed 70 kg for free and a maximum of 150 kg. An AC two-tier passenger can carry 50 kg of luggage for free and a maximum of 100 kg. Similarly, a sleeper class and a second class passenger is entitled to carry luggage weighing up to 40 kg and 35 kg. The maximum baggage allowed is capped at 80 kg and 70 kg.

According to rules, passengers are allowed to book and carry excess luggage beyond the free allowance with them in the compartment up to the maximum limit as per class mentioned above on payment of charge at 1.5 times of luggage rate.

Existing rules on this count says that when a passenger is detected with unbooked or partially booked luggage weighing more than the free allowance, the excess unbooked weight exceeding free allowance of luggage can be charged with a penalty of six times of the prescribed luggage rate.

As per rules, if unbooked or partially booked luggage is detected more than the free allowance of then luggage but within the marginal allowance, it will be charged at 1.5 times rate.

When a passenger is found whether en route or at the destination with unbooked or partially booked luggage which weighs more than the maximum limit, the excess weight exceeding free allowance of luggage is charged at six times of the luggage rate.

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