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Nuclear-capable Agni-5 successfully test-fired by India

Nuclear-capable Agni-5 successfully test-fired by India

India successfully tested its nuclear-competent and indigenously developed Agni-5 missile that holds capacity for long-range ballistic. Agni-5 comes with a significantly long strike range which is close to 5,000 km. This test-fire was successfully initiated at the coastal area of the eastern state Odisha. This particular missile is of the surface-to-surface type that was launched via the use of mobile launcher. For successful usability of the mobile launcher, the launch pad-4 cumulated with the ITR (Integrated Test Range) was used at the Dr. Abdul Kalam Island that is located near the sea-front of Bay of Bengal. The test was initiated at the morning close to 9:48 a.m.

This was a sixth trial for the Agni-5, which houses a state-of-the-art technology. During this trial, the missile successfully covered the full distance as per its capability making it a complete success for the final trial. As per sources, the missile’s flight performance was being monitored and tracked via radars, observation stations as well as tracking instruments throughout the length of the test mission.

Agni-5 is equipped with highly advanced technologies when it comes to guidance, navigation, warhead as well as engine, explained an official from the DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization). This particular test session for Agni-5 came along with the successful test of new technologies integrated inside the missile that includes navigation systems, critical accuracy based Ring Laser Gyro integrated with INS (Inertial Navigation System), Micro Navigation System and many others.

Agni-5 has been designed in a particular way that once it reaches its peak trajectory; the missile shall continue to navigate towards its target with maximum speed given the added attraction from the gravitational pull of the Earth. The path for Agni-5’s test mission has been guided with the use of advanced computer based system for inertial navigation to guide it to the exact point.

All the navigation system along with the digital control system worked successfully and the Agni-5 hit the target with complete accuracy. The initial two launches for Agni-5 were held in the year 2012 and 2013 using an open configuration. The next three were initiated from a canister along with the help of mobile launcher. The Agni-5 comes with high reliability, less maintenance, better shelf life and best of all enhanced mobility. All the past 5 trials held for Agni-5 have been successful as well adding one more success to the list.

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