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Offer a Toy Plane at Aeroplane Gurudwara of Jalandhar & Get US Visa!

“It happens only in India” this famous saying contributes to the weirdest and strange things that take place all over the country. India is famous for the oddest, bizarre, amazing, and unusual stories that are cherished by people all around the world. One such unbelievable incident has taken place in a Jalandhar, Punjab in the holy shrine of Sant Baba Nihal Singh Shaheedan, where devotees are offering toy planes that could turn into a ticket for them to fly abroad.

“Hawai Jahaz Gurdwara” or the “Aeroplane Gurdwara” of Jalandhar

Punjab is obsessed with the thought of settling in abroad. Main reasons for this include lack of jobs in the hometown or country, million dollar dreams, and the desire to emulate neighbors and relatives. According to a survey, about 6 million people have settled abroad from the Doaba district that includes Nawanshahr, Kapurthala, Jalandhar and Hoshiarpur. With this obsession also comes the dark side – where people cannot migrate due to an absence of certain skills or documentation and in such cases the last resort that’s available is faith in a superior power – God.

Aeroplane Gurudwara of Jalandhar
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All this started a few months back where the word spread about the Gurudwara in Doaba region, where people are crazy about settling abroad and have unshakeable faith in Gurudwara. It has a popular feeling that if anybody offers a toy plane and has a strong wish to fly and settle abroad his or her wishes will be fulfilled. As a result of this wish, a lot of people have visited and offered toy planes with their names inscribed on the toy. These toy planes can be purchased from shops outside the Gurudwara and offer it to the holy Sri Guru Granth Sahib. On a Sunday, worshipers offer about 40-50 planes, mostly a top plane of the country they plan on settling.

Shaheed Baba Nihal Singh Aeroplane Gurudwara

There are various devotes whose dreams have been fulfilled by offering a toy plane in this Gurudwara. One only needs to organize a prayer called “Akhand Path” and offer a toy plane during the prayers and it is believed that due to this a lot of dreams of people wanting to settle abroad have come true. There are a few young youths who know about this unbelievable act and have said that they will also come and offer a plane in the Gurudwara if they see other people going abroad.

Aeroplane Gurudwara in India
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The holy Gurudwara of Sant Baba Nihal Singh Shaheedan is located in the Talhan village about 12 km from Jalandhar and the gate to this village is built with a model of British Airways and the whole road to Gurudwara is filled with various shops selling toy plan models of various carriers like British Airways, Lufthansa, Air Canada, etc. The whole situation spread like wild fire when a business-man from Ludhiana came and prayed that if he would get his US visa, he would come and offer an airplane and four days later the same guy was seeing offering a large toy plane to the holy shrine.

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