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PM Modi not declaring ‘emergency under article 360’. PIB calls out fake article

In this lockdown situation in India, there are multiple rumours being passed through social media platforms. One such fake claim making the rounds is an article that states our Honourable Prime Minister is most likely to enforce a financial state of emergency in the country. It is pertinent that you refrain from believing these rumors.

This falsified and misleading article that was being circulated widely throughout the internet has now been debunked by the PIB’s Twitter handle for a fact check.

In this tweet, it has been confirmed that this article is completely fake, and there is no such declaration made by the Prime Minister of India. The PIB twitter handle stated that this online website s responsible for spreading out false reports suggesting that the current government might impose a financial emergency in the country.

It was further reported that this website justifies this rumour to be a methodology for tackling the crisis caused by the pandemic COVID-19. The tweet ended with the cautionary notice that asked the citizens of India to be wary of such fake and malicious articles.

Even though this fake article has been gaining prominence only since yesterday, it shot to the limelight after PM Modi through his tweet stated that he plans to address the citizens of India on 24th March 2020 with regards to coronavirus pandemic at 8 PM.

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