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How to Register Online FIR in Jharkhand ?

Nowadays, Police Department of many States in India have implemented the Online FIR Registration system. Recently, Online FIR in Jharkhand has also been implemented by Jharkhand Police. Previously, we have told you about the procedure to register online fir in Bangalore, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Haryana, Mumbai, Bangalore, Uttar Pradesh & Himachal Pradesh. With the introduction of Online FIR registration in Jharkhand, people can now do Online FIR Registration in Jharkhand easily over the internet without visiting the Police Station. After reading this article you will be able to know how to file Online FIR in Jharkhand.

At the end of this article, we have also mentioned important and useful phone numbers of Jharkhand Police. You can use those numbers in case of any kind of emergency.

Procedure to Register Online FIR in Jharkhand

There are a few points to note before you proceed for Online FIR Registration in Jharkhand :

Points to Note Before your Register Online FIR in Jharkhand :

  • This application is for lodging Online FIR in Jharkhand.
  • Please note that Giving False report to Police is a punishable offence.
  • Lodging False Complaints are subject to prosecution under IPC.

Steps to Register Online FIR in Jharkhand

Let us now begin with the step by step procedure to lodge fir online in Jharkhand. Kindly note that few of the information is optional. Try to give as much information as possible.

Step 1 : Visit this link to : Register FIR Online in Jharkhand

Step 2 : If you have Aadhaar Card, please Select the OTP Option, Enter your Aadhaar Number and Click on GO and your details will be fetched using your Aadhaar.

Online FIR in Jharkhand

If you do not have Aadhaar Number, Click on the ‘Please Click here…’ link (As Shown Below).

Online FIR Registration in Jharkhand

Step 3 : Enter the Complaint Details :

  • Full Name : Enter the Full Name of the Complainant.
  • Gender : Enter the Gender of the Complainant.
  • Age : Enter the Age of the Complainant.
  • Contact Address : Enter the Contact Address of the Complainant.
  • PIN : Enter the PIN of the Address of the Complainant.

Personal Details Online FIR Jharkhand

  • Mobile Number : Enter the Mobile Number of the Complainant.
  • Email Address : Enter the Email Address of the Complainant.
  • Telephone : Enter the Telephone/Mobile Number of the Complainant.
  • Identity Type : Select the Identity Type of the Complainant.
  • Identity Detail : Enter the Identity Detail of the Complainant.
  • Proof of Attachment : Choose File to Attach the Identity Proof.

Contact Details Online FIR Jharkhand

  • District : Select the District from the Drop Down.
  • Place of Occurrence : Enter the Place of Occurrence of the Incident.

Occurance Details Online FIR Jharkhand

  • Topic : Select the Topic of the Complaint.
  • Subject : Enter the Subject of the Complaint.
  • Details : Enter all other Details of the Complaint.
  • Attachment : Select the File with the Scanned Copy of the Complainant’s Signature/Thumb Impression.

Complain Details Online FIR Jharkhand

  • Verify OTP : Enter the OTP received on your Mobile Number and click on Verify OTP.

OTP Online FIR Jharkhand

As soon as you click on Verify OTP, you will get the option to submit the FIR Report.

Please note that the details marked with * are mandatory.

Step 3 : Finally you need to Submit the FIR Report. Click on Reset to clear the information entered or Cancel to stop anytime.

Important Phone Numbers of Jharkhand Police

If you are anywhere in Jharkhand, you can use the link given below to know the important phone numbers of Jharkhand Police in all districts.


Hope you liked the process to register online fir in Jharkhand. If you have any issues, do leave your comments below.

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